Tools: Organizing Studio Watercolors

My studio paints were overflowing from my big 30-years-old Prismacolor tin
into a QoR watercolor  tin.  I hated the QoR tin.  The rounds which you think would be great for watercolor mixing but they made the tin so it flips if you put any pressure on it.

* yes, I learned that when I had mixed two paints in the wells… flying colors *

I immediately moved my second set into lots of little tins,
and was happy with my Primateks in my 35-year-old pencil tin.
Still, it was a big pile on the desk, and I don’t use them all.

I often use my stack of Eldajon palettes with squirts of color…
What to do about my pan paints?  Stop using pans?  N0….

I bought the Hahnemühle Post Cards for the tins! 
I loved the flowers on these tins and the size.

I’ve moved most of my pan paints into two categories,
the paints I reach for all the time (right)
and a secondary set that works nicely for architecture and landscapes (left).
If one of these goes with me to paint I’ve tea tin tops to use as mixing pans for washes.

This lead to other organizing.

I placed all my pastels and a few colors that make good Victorian house paint colors
into my favorite old eyeshadow-turned-travel pan, now my Painted Ladies tin (left).
* how appropriate —
once held things for a lady to paint her face and now is holding the painted ladies paints!
beyond that, i’ve no confessions! *
You can see the palette (below), filled with colors and
the Easter Card I’m sending my mom in the same colors!

I still have my beloved Primateks with a couple of Greenleaf & Blueberry colors added.
I love the grainy gritty texture, and the way many of the colors move on their own.

Finally I placed many dark, opaque colors I rarely use
in another pencil box from my architecture days (right).

So far, I am happy… until I buy more paints!

* gads, bought three today from matteogrilliart soon to arrive *

w16-watercolor-sq   w15-inks-sq  w16-8-10-pentalic-middle-night-03-sq  w16-9-24-pens-color-3-sq  w15-ds-paints-sq

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10 Responses to Tools: Organizing Studio Watercolors

  1. dweezer19 says:

    Wow Kate. You’re such a real artist. So dedicated! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They say it’s a smart person that knows how to improvise.

    You did it so well with the tins! 🙂

    Carol Boss

    Marketing Services Manager


    Hahnemühle USA

    380 N. Terra Cotta Rd.

    Unit G

    Crystal Lake, IL 60012

    Phone: 815-502-5880 ext 102

    Fax: 815-502-5879




  3. Dan Antion says:

    If you ever see me post about how I organize my tools, know that you (and my father) are the inspiration. Him for the organization, you for the courage and example to tell the story.


  4. You are very organized and have so many wonderful paints. I want to come over and play with all your palettes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am at the end of buying (she said with conviction.) I have found the ones I love and so not so much with the buying unless it is to replace. And I will let some colors go as I use them up. Now if you were around the corner I’d have you over for a paint-in!

      Liked by 1 person

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