Tools: Hahnemühle Watercolour Book

I’ve been looking forward to finishing my last A5 book so I could start
the Hahnemühle Watercolour Book,  my spring gift to me!

I am picky about my journals and have tried several, only to find they came apart
or I didn’t really like the paper (then they become scrap test books.)  I prefer bound,
A4 or A5 landscape.  Moleskin has been my best go-to for my sizes and paper needs,
but Moleskin’s paper has changed, with only 25% cotton fiber.  It deflects watercolor a bit more than it used to when it was far more like a fine watercolour paper.  Not too terribly for a journal, but when you have better paper it is noticeable.

Hahnemühle Watercolour Book’s paper is a natural white (not bright white)
200 gsm or 135 lb fine grained surface structure on both sides,
30 pages, comparable to the Moleskin in weight and number.
I love the feel of the linen-like cover in my hand
(I’ve already made it mine by adding an image that says a bit about
the time in my life — Kamala’s gone — and the intent of the journal.)
Available in the landscape formats A4, A5 and
A6 (I have a couple and they are too tiny for me), acid free.
It has a serious rubber band that will not stretch out of shape,
and the only downside is no envelope — which is easily added,
and I like adding my own special envelopes that have memories!

And the paper!  The heart of the book…

It takes pencil well…

and erases well!  A fine point pen works well…

The paper took a grisaille wash of Noodler’s Lexington Grey ink well.
And it took watercolor much nicer than Moleskin’s.
I reworked some watercolor lines, and it did not fight me…

In the first test Buddha was well-behaved, but Ganesha splashed around!
I layered lots of wet juicy washes, inks under and over,
removed quite a lot of watercolor (gasp) and the paper is a dream.

Ganesha is a perfect image to begin this journal’s content, the scribe,
clearer of obstacles and new beginnings.
For Easter I offered up chocolate eggs to the God with the sweet tooth
(only one tusk, because he loved chocolate a bit too much.)

Now that I am getting serious about Hahnemühle’s papers in many forms,
I was pleased to see that Hahnemühle has a commitment to environmental responsibility, which means a lot to me.  I vote with my $$$.  Just as I switched to fountain pens to
reduce the waste in my ink drawing, knowing I am buying from a company
that is interested in environmental stewardship is important. I am interested in their bamboo sketchbooks and that may be my next Hahnemühle review!

I know they are working to get their product in stores across the USA.
Wet Paint, has the Nostalgie sketchbooks.
We regularly order from Talas, but they told me they don’t carry
Hahnemühle watercolor or sketching papers.  They should!
Flax Art & Design in San Mateo, California carries many Hahnemühle products,
including the Hahnemühle Watercolour Book,
BUT DOES NOT SHIP.  (I can see that I need to make a special stop!)

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4 Responses to Tools: Hahnemühle Watercolour Book

  1. dweezer19 says:

    I know if I were t invest more time in my ink and watercolor I would be as you are Kate. I discovered, while doing my bookmarks, that my favorite G2 fine point pen is water solubale and nearly ruined a portion of one of my pieces through blotting some of the watercolor.


  2. Hope this helps

    Carol Boss

    Marketing Services Manager


    Hahnemühle USA

    380 N. Terra Cotta Rd.

    Unit G

    Crystal Lake, IL 60012

    Phone: 815-502-5880 ext 102

    Fax: 815-502-5879




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