Tools: Hand•Book Journal Trav•e•logue series Review

Sketchers whose work I admire love the Hand•Book Journal Trav•e•logue series
A few hate it.  I’m many pages in as I took it on our trip to So Cal,
So think I can safely review it now…

w16-0-handbk-review-01Okay, how can I not love the cover?  Nice Green cloth.

This one is roughly 5.5 x 8.5 inches, landscape format, for watercolors.

w16-0-handbk-review-02Let me tell you I cracked the back — or tried to — before I began.
It held.  It lays flat, and feel good to hold.

w16-0-handbk-review-03So we get into the heart of a journal, the paper.  I bought this via mail so didn’t feel it.
I don’t like the feel of the paper but my pens liked the paper.
I like the slightly off-white color… no problem there.
I’d prefer that this wasn’t their go-to color (Stilman & Birn have the Delta book and that is fine because you are choosing cream paper) but that would not make me stay away.
They advertise it as being able to take light watercolors, so the test left is a bit more than that, and the paper took a very wet ink buildup shown left, without buckling.

w16-0-handbk-review-04BUT BUT BUT the other side shows the watercolor and inks through the paper.  I could not make the picture show the color — it is not quite a bleed-through but it isn’t what I want in a sketchbook.  I don’t have that in my Aquabee Super Deluxe Journals with
150 gms paper (Hand•Book doesn’t say the weight.)  Aquabee buckles but doesn’t bleed.  I don’t get it.  Perhaps unknown-named-sketchers only paint on one side of their sketchbook pages… so it doesn’t bother them?  And I may start doing that in this book.

Note this is not Hand•Book’s 200gm book, so perhaps I should not be saying this, but for the price I can get a Moleskin, which can take anything I throw at it.

w16-0-handbk-review-05And the back has a plastic flap.  I hate it.  I don’t want heavy plastic at the back.

Okay, I’m picky.

I won’t buy one again but I can’t say it is a bad journal especially if you are sketching and not throwing ink and watercolors into the mix.  It’s strong, and it is a pretty color….


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13 Responses to Tools: Hand•Book Journal Trav•e•logue series Review

  1. Lara/Trace says:

    you gurl are a great artist


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this journal! Like you I want my journals to be able to take watercolor, and ink and not bleed through or buckle.

    I just started using a Stillman & Birn Beta series journal. It took the ink and light wash pretty well, and hasn’t buckled, but that was page 1. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂


  3. I think I have the same book with a red cover. I am not sure if it is the same paper. Buff heavyweight drawing paper is all I can find. No weight. I have not used it. It does say it will take light watercolor washes without buckling. One day I will put it to the test. I do like to sketch on both sides. When I first started sketching I would buy all sorts of sketchbooks. This is one of them! Thank you for doing the review!


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