Thursday Doors, a day late….

w16-11-17-naskefimo-01-jpgI took a moment yesterday late to draw the door itself in this beautiful building
that reminds me so of the Brentwood area of Southern California.  I am finishing up images of this building that I will post later, but this was a quickie in one color.
About 15 minutes.
I sat in the car, as it is finally cold here — not Canada cold, or Maine cold, but cold
enough for me — and considered what I loved about So Cal and how I cannot imagine living there again.  We were home for a few days earlier this month, and I could
not take the lack of green, the traffic, the crowds, and did I say the lack of green?

Portland has no idea….

w16-11-17-naskefimo-04I am playing in the group Thursday Doors, led by Norm 2.0, with others, here!

Have you got a door in your sketchbook?

Strathmore Journal,  Jinhao pen with Diamine Regency Blue ink…


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17 Responses to Thursday Doors, a day late….

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Lovely door, Kate. I know exactly what you mean about the lack of green. I lived in the Pacific Northwest for three years, and I think there are more shades of green there than anywhere else on the planet. By the way, you’re not late. Norm gives us until noon Saturday to post a Thursday Door. So, if you haven’t already done so, get over to Norm’s page and add your link to the list !


  2. Great pen & ink Door! I’m so happy it has stairs b/c I’m working on a vignette of a staircase and for two days have been struggling with the stairs; how the heck to draw them?

    No, I don’t have page devoted to only a door in my sketchbook.

    It’s been cold up here in the Bay Area for the last couple of days. I’ve been putting my little portable heater on and off through the day to ward off the chill. Brrr! Stay warm!


  3. Faye says:

    Beautiful job on the doors. I also have to have green. I could never live in the desert country.


  4. Norm 2.0 says:

    Better late than never – thanks for joining us 🙂

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  5. Love the door sketch. I sometimes imagine you sitting here in Mumbai sketching various things. I believe India will keep you very busy. You might not want to miss a thing.


  6. jesh stg says:

    Creative post:) Have lived for 30+ years in Southern Cal. – the noise and traffic I don’t miss. But I did realize that when we moved close to the capital that they had some kind of a winter, and the leaves of the trees would turn – which means: colder!. Guess it does not bother me much to have a lack of green, since I came from Holland where it’s always green, so I have enough green stored up in my soul:)


    • Thanks! Even when the leaves change and drop, Portland is green compared to Los Angeles (so many evergreens), which is a very grey city. The colorful part of lalaland is the people, and I miss them. I really miss the people. Seattle skies are grey but the land isn’t. Angelenos simply have no idea that they live in a grey place by comparison, and my memories of Southern California are always about living on the beach so memories clash with the reality of it all…


  7. I don’t have a sketch book, so I’ll just have to enjoy yours. 😉



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