Drawing Rich German’s Whales

10021001Rich German lives in my home-town, Laguna Beach, and loves the ocean’s creatures.  He garnered international attention from his video of a close encounter with a pod of orcas.  (Board and Rich shown right.)  He garnered the attention of some of the leading conservationist organizations in the world including Save The Whales.  This led him to start Project O whose mission is to help restore, protect and sustain the ocean, the life living in it and all of humankind, now and for generations to follow.  The initial vision is to see the entire coastline of California protected.

How does all this relate to me?

I grew up swimming daily in these waters.  I had two encounters with whales, including a female with her baby and I had NO idea how close she was until I saw my mom and others jumping up and down on the beach.  They were about 25 feet from me and my boyfriend, rubbing barnacles off their backs, I think.  I was in awe, and a bit scared, but not.

I wanted to be an oceanographer for my career, and was accepted into several colleges for that — unfortunately, I get violently seasick ON BOATS.  (Kinda important.)

Fast-forward to today.  I lead a group on Facebook that sketches from images
(you have to join us in sketching to view images), and Rich was gracious enough to
let us use some of his images to use to create art as a group.

W16 3 1 Rich German Whale 001The first image I chose (top) is not typical of Rich.  Most he takes with a camera from his paddle-board.  This one was taken off a friend’s boat with his iPhone, if I remember.
This is a difficult image for me to sketch and paint, full of movement and a LOT of water!
Definitely out of my comfort zone, which is the point — to stretch!
I don’t so much care about realism, but again,
am trying to get the hang of all that can be done with watercolors.

W16 3 2 Rich German Whale 002I used Daniel Smith Masking Fluid, salt, and any other trick to create the illusion of
waves and splashes.  Primatek Lapis helped deliver the moody skies and water.

I can’t thank Rich enough for allowing us to use some of his images.
You can, by visiting his page and joining his cause.
(BTW, follow him on FB and see great videos!)
Rich also sells his photographs and paintings,
with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the ocean.

Aquabee Super Deluxe Journal with a Pentalic 2B woodless pencil,
Platinum Carbon pen, and Daniel Smith, Holbein, and QoR watercolors.


 ©D. Katie Powell, except for photographs ©Rich German.
My images/blog posts may be reposted; please link back  to dkatiepowellart.

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2 Responses to Drawing Rich German’s Whales

  1. Cindy Dauer says:

    Terrific cause and wonderful rendering of the photo! Hooray for working to protect these giant beasts!


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