Anyone interested in Urban sketching should also know about Parkablogs.  Teoh Yi Chie reviews books, materials and occasionally has fun videos.

BTW, until November 11, Parkablog has gotten a 50% off deal on several great craftsy classes — you might want to click through FROM HIS PAGE to buy them! I  heartily endorse Holmes, Reddy and Blaukoft!  (I haven’t taken Heaston’s classes; he may be very good too.)

If you don’t know what Urban Sketching is, video below:

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8 Responses to Parkablogs

  1. watching now -thanks!


  2. sandidureice says:

    Thankyou! There are some interesting ways of holding a brush. An encouraging film, and beautiful sketches. I now have Parkablogs on my taskbar.
    In Melbourne, Australia, just recently, I saw one person’s journal exhibition at a community library. It was contained in locked glass cases, and this artist was able to exhibit for free. Many of her sketches were equivalent to urban sketching. While I eye in wonderment the fabulous artwork on blogs like yours, Kate, being able to see these sketches for real added another dimension to my art appreciation experience. Can just imagine little people going into the library, peering into the glass cases and being enthused too. I thought this small library exhibit was a great way to inform about journalling and urban sketching. And the artist was able to leave a supply of her business cards at the library too, which is a great support for the individual artist.
    Thankyou very much for overlapping with other blogs and bringing such a plethora of inspiration to our blog-consumer experience.
    PS I am now third on the list for Marc Taro Holmes’ book at my community library. It is very popular here.


    • So happy that you saw a live sketcher’s art. Can you send me the name — I bet I know them. It is a big (20,000 members) and yet very small community worldwide. Seeing others do their work and taking classes has given me a lot of confidence that I already know a whole lot — I did just switch from acrylic to watercolor — and the sketching I’ve done my whole life as an architect and artist. You have an excellent community in Melbourne — I am almost jealous — and you should get out and meet them this summer, even if to show up then check them out — spy a bit! I think Jane Blundell may be in the Melbourne crowd. And thanks — and I love sharing great blogs with others. I signed up for both of Marc’s classes through Craftsy. He really is the BEST teacher. Makes it look easy.


      • sandidureice says:

        Her name is Alissa Duke.
        I think Jane Blundell is in Sydney; not 100% sure. Yes, thanks, I have been out with MUS, and I love it. I am also doing one each of Shari’s and Marc’s classes on Craftsy too. I discovered urban sketching, and the worldwide movement, only 12 months ago in Gabriel Campanario’s book “The Art of Urban Sketching”. Thanks to that book I have met up with some great people like yourself, and a whole new art-making experience.


  3. Dan Antion says:

    This is so fun to watch.


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