Travel Palette, FINALLY

W14 11 14 LS COLOR 3I love paint colors.  Friends have been pushing me to get serious
about a travel palette so I can paint comfortably onsite, and I resist because
I love all my colors, especially the transparent parrot colors and
earthy mossy greens and don’t forget Daniel Smith’s Primatek minerals and . . . and . . .
Look at all those luscious colors in my primary palette.  How to pick?

 But I can’t carry all these colors around with me.  I tried making a travel palette
from half-pans so I’d have more colors, but I hated the half-pan sizes.
I needed a good working travel palette of versatile colors.

TW14 11 14 LS COLOR 9he first pass was the fifteen colors above.
I based my travel palette choices on
building colors, Portland colors,
and also how a couple of the colors mixed
to give me a bronze color and a brilliant orange.  I needed to methodically practice mixing.  I began my career in acrylics,
which I mixed in small jars.

The problem was, after spending time mixing my first palette, I realized that I had too many colors which I could mix to give me close to the same hue, shown left.  I also knew I would miss Caput Mortem, an odd purple-brown that I reach for so often when I am painting buildings.  I chucked QoR’s Bohemian and Green Gold, and Sennelier’s Raw Umber.  I pulled in two yellow oranges, and a few more Primateks.  I chose Holbien’s Permanent Yellow Orange because it less muddy than M.Graham’s Indian Yellow.  I was surprised that I could mix my Caput Mortem from Yavapei and Peimonite!  I wanted to put in Serpentine but it will mix onsite like a Sap Green, and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is quite close to Amazonite in the mixing ranges.  I could not choose a third pan!

W14 11 14 LS COLOR 26Finally I said, “Enough!”  Everything can be changed as I work with it.
I have a lovely range of the Primateks to play with, and parrot colors, and
Portland colors.  Opera Pink (yes it is fugative but this is for my journal), Quin. Red (Sennelier), Quinophthalone Yellow, Piemonite, Permanent Yellow Orange (Holbien),
Sap Green Indigo, Quin. Burnt Orange, Green Gold, French Ultramarine,
Quin. Gold, Amazonite, Lapis, and Yavapei.
And room for one more color . . .2014 11 16 LS WATERBRUSHES 7

 Stillman & Birn Alpha journal with a Lamy Safari pen, a Noodler’s giveaway pen, and various Noodlers ink. Daniel Smith, Holbien, QoR and Sennelier watercolors.


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13 Responses to Travel Palette, FINALLY

  1. I’m with you Katie, it’s hard to get the palette down to an easy to travel with amount. My usual way of dealing with it is to leave my watercolors and only take my pen and inks. Not a very suitable solution. I guess I’ll have to work on that. BTW, I haven’t forgotten the post I owe you. It is partially done, but I just need to find some more time to finish it up.


  2. Zoya says:

    Wow – you have such gorgeous collection of watercolours, no wonder you are struggling to choose just a few.


  3. Sammy D. says:

    I love your palettes (they look like quilts) AND the paint names. I’m so happy you do this type of post peridically because the colors are so upbeat and reading the names is like hearing a foreign language that I ‘sort of’ know 💥


  4. Danielle says:

    lovely palettes I need to do the same!


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