Finished a Sketchbook for the Month of July

Amazing how fast this sketchbook filled with me drawing every day.
The more I drew the more I wanted to draw, and the habit begins.

A lot of Buddha heads, due to drawing in the middle of the night!
Looking at what happens when you draw the same thing over and over, I wonder:
Do you get it right?  Or do you begin to love the variations?

This last prompted a decision: I will combine the lojong slogans with drawings of the Weeping Buddha, and in this way will glimpse the answer to this question.
I won’t be posting them like this, but one at a time. . .

2014 7 30 boat 300dpiThe other posts in this journal, by week: One, Two, Three, Four.


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6 Responses to Finished a Sketchbook for the Month of July

  1. Sammy D. says:

    Congratulations and helpful message about leaving room for things to fall apart. Is it even more important as we age, or alternatively have we been through so much that we’re now experienced at knowing “falling apart” is part of our equation, thus our adaptability makes necessary room. Further, would we have heeded the “leaving room for” message at earlier ages? In my case, I think not. My expectation was I could control it all with enough willpower. Sometimes the unexpecteds threw me when willpower couldn’t bring my desired outcome.

    Love the elephant. Do you catch up on sleep in shorter intervals or daytime naps?


  2. Piarom says:

    Awww such a wonderful post to look Katie! All your sweet drawings! I have to practise this too, I think 🙂 The boat catch my eyes with its calm flow on the water and the warm sunlight all over the scene! Thank you for sailing with us along this month 🙂 Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny


  3. rose says:

    Wonderful sketches *and* discipline!
    And yes, things do come together and fall apart. It’s the journey that sustains us. 🙂


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