Challenge: One Book, One Pen, One Month, #2

W14 7 8 hummus raspberry pepper 300dpi 1Week two, still many obstacles in my life.  AND, started Sketchbook Skool.  Tuesday was a day off (YAY!!!!) and spent the day painting, including a recipe.

Saturday, Cathy Johnson posted some outtakes from her Sketchbook Skool class, a video on Mixing Greens.  I put it on in the background while I was stitching, thinking I knew how to mix greens.  Never say you KNOW.  I learned tips which will allow me to mix from a small palette, the oranges and blue. I mixed my favorites “oranges  and blues” to see the greens a small traveling palette might make, below.  Some are muddy
(but also valuable) and some are amazing!

My Milk Bone was supposed to be drawn to go with my post, “I Was a Dog Growing Up.”
Work got in the way . . .  And Sketchbook Skool.  I posted my lessons on SBS Week One
this week, then after I posted realized I really like this wash and ink suggestion of
Danny Gregory’s (he calls it “fast and slow.”)  I continue to create these, and they are a lovely way to loosen me up and not to be dependent on my beloved pencil!
I took a “wash” photo and an “ink” photo of a project in our studio right now to show how this was done. Caution note:  If someone can MOVE what you are about to draw (or take it apart) then best take a picture.  Mitchell is about to restore the spool platform rocker
below, and between my wash (drying, I went to lunch) and ink, he dismantled half of it!

I am not sure when I will be posting normal painting thangs.
After Sketchbook or when I am not overwhelmed with a project!
Happy PPF!


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17 Responses to Challenge: One Book, One Pen, One Month, #2

  1. AyalaArt says:

    I love that chair!!


  2. Faye says:

    Eclectic and lovely. The ones that appealed to me were the top one with food, (It is lunchtime as I write this!) the color chart (very informative), and the lovely rocker! Have a great weekend.


  3. Tam Hess says:

    So much to look at! What fun…any art work is fun and inspiring. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Happy Paint Party Friday!
    Tam Hess


  4. Sammy D. says:

    You know by now I love it all and inhale your beautiful creations and words – such sweet, inspirational scents. But, really, WHEN do you sleep?!?


    • Okay, here is the trick. Run your own architectural firm for ten years while teaching 20 hours a week and then the rest is easy because you are so disciplined. I literally hit the floor running. I don’t need coffee, though I LOVE it and have it asap in the morning. When I am not planning on lolling in bed with cats and husband, I get up, throw painting clothes on before showering, and head for the little studio. I think I will stop there and this may be a blog idea . . .


      • Sammy D. says:

        But you are SO prolific with your blogs – I don’t see how you fit the computer time into everything else. Of course, I see computer time as GOD AWFUL WORK because I spent so much of my career behind one.

        Always glad to give you yet another blogging idea 🙂


  5. giggles says:

    I admire the tenacity everyone has taking SBS,,,,,such a wonderful variety of great work comes of of this!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles


    • I am taking the courses loosely, so there is a lot I skip — I taught creativity courses at University and so it allows me to just get to the parts I want to see. I love looking at other people’s sketchbooks!


  6. I love your post full of different work and ideas… that chair was a favourite from SS week 1… and i feel your pain regarding having it taken apart in the middle of painting… I am forever facing a similar issue with food that I am drawing suddenly being eaten!!!


    • I accepted a challenge that no one else is doing — but I continue! It is in keeping with SBS anywho, so what the hell!? I just didn’t know he was going to turn to that chair right away . . .


  7. I love the sketches – the chair is wonderful. That course is on my list for “sometime”


  8. All of these are amazing. There is a story, depth and a soul to your art.


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