Process: Mixing Quinacridone + Caput Mortem Paints

DSC00005Building from Process: Mixing Hematite Paints, I moved into mixing two colors into each of my paints: Caput Mortem and Quinacridone Gold.  The latter has been a favorite of mine for 20 years.

Caput Mortem has also been known as Mummy Brown, because originally it was made from made from ground-up mummies *ick*, discontinued in the 19th century, thankfully.  It is occasionally known as Cardinal Purple or Mars Purple.  I can’t believe this odd color I like so much is now made from a purple variety of hematite iron oxide (there is that hematite again.)

Of the four sets of colors (discussed in the previous post) that look very close when spread by themselves on paper, three were tested here: Anthraq Scarlet and Organic Vermillon; Quinacridone Coral and Quinacridone Red; and Light Yellow 578 and Quinophthalo Yellow.  (Terre Ercolano and Venetian Red were not used as too close in color to both.)   Her the shifts are interesting:

  • In Quinacridone Coral and Quinacridone Red, the tests were closer together (water was dropped onto the Coral . . . )
  • In Anthraq Scarlet and Organic Vermillon, the former separated out and thinned when the other colors were added to it
  • In Light Yellow 578 and Quinophthalo Yellow, the latter muted out and yet stayed brilliant, while the former mixed robustly.

My favorite tested mixes were Opera Pink, Kyanite (both above), the Phthalos, the Saps, and omigoddess, the three extraordinary turquoise colors, below.  I must do something with those!


Tomorrow, the Chinese White!

*All watercolors Daniel Smith unless stated otherwise.


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