B is for Brush Pens! A-to-A Challenge

brush pensI am just learning to use brush pens, as I move to smaller formats and water colors to work my artistic ways.   Brush pens are these super devices where the water is carried in  tube which attaches to the watercolor brush.  You squeeze the tube to adjust the water content you want in the brushes, which allows you to do a light colored wash (squeeze a lot of water out) or a dark line or deep colored wash (squeeze just a bit of water out.)

You can use them with Neocolor II or water-color pencils, by drawing first then squeezing the water gently from your waterbrush to achieve the effect your want.  Or, you can use them with dampened watercolors.

They are wonderful for travel or journaling, or in my case, setting on my business desk where I don’t want our studio cats drinking out of the watercolor glass or spilling a glass of water over documents.  I can take a break during my work day and play, then back to work, with little effort now!

I’ve been experimenting with various brushes to see what I like best.  The Holbein is brand new to me, and it carries the most water of the brushes.  I like the tip, but it does squeeze water rather freely so it takes getting used to or you dump a blob of water where you may not want it (The joys of water color on the go.)

So far my favorite go-to brush is the Niji waterbrush with the medium tip.  I just bought a second one.  I use it constantly, and did the entire piece below with it.  It holds a good amount of water, and it feels good in my hand, and the best part, the squeeze is just right for me — no getting used to the flow.  I have the Niji in two other sizes, and will probably use the small, but I am so disappointed in the flat.  I love working with flats, and this one just doesn’t have a good brush to it.  It sort of flattens out with no strength or shape..  I may take it into Blick’s and see if I have a bad brush.

The Aquash by Pentel is smaller, and the water holder is not as large.  I haven’t enjoyed it as much because I have to refill it frequently — but it might be small enough to fit into my little purse for travel!

Below, one of my Buddhas done using Neocolor II and the medium Niji brush!

W14 2 SKETCH WEEP BUDDHA 5        

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5 Responses to B is for Brush Pens! A-to-A Challenge

  1. Sammy D. says:

    Thanks for review of new style brushes. As a neophyte to all things painterly, having some guidance for eventual purchases is helpful. I’m unclear – the brush squeezes out the water but then you still dip/mix the tip in the paint, right? I’ve not seen your other Buddahs; this one appears (to me) to be suffering only because I feel his tight muscles and hunched with hands to face (a position I’d take when hurting). If you hadn’t told me he’s a buddah, I see an odd flower or vegetable (like a misshapen Jerusalem artichoke). I truly enjoy your posting thought and artistic gifts.


  2. Rita Ackerman says:

    Water brushes are wonderful. I love all of mine. I don’t have as many as you. Lol Have you ever tried Huggies baby wipes with neocolor II. It’s amazing!


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