Weeping Buddha, or as I like to think of him, Compassionate Buddha

W14 2 SKETCH WEEP BUDDHA 5The Buddha statue made by young monks in Indonesia and Vietnam touched me when I first saw one at a retreat, and has been on my altar ever since.   He is now known popularly as “weeping Buddha,’ but I meditate with him all the time and I cannot call him that.  I see earthiness, a different form of touching the earth than Gautama Buddha.  I see humility.  I also see Avalokiteshvara or Chenrezig Buddha, the Buddha of Compassion, who cried a thousand tears, the tears becoming the goddess Tara.  The last one is the closest to weeping Buddha, but weeping Buddha implies a forlornness or emotional state that doesn’t quite feel right.

web weeping buddhaMy smaller statue is perfectly symmetrical, but the larger one, right, the one I painted during my time down with this stupid cold, is much more imperfect and unsymmetrical.

As I’ve said before, I like to play with the same shape repeatedly.  I have painted him in acrylics and mixed media over the years.  I return to him again and again.  He is a great shape!

Again I played with Neocolor II, attempting to conquer the elusive qualities and gain some control over the media!  The one above was completely loose with Neocolor and no pencil under-sketch.  I created a graduated background using the “earth” symbol, and washed it.  After, I drew Buddha crudely and started shading with water.  I enjoyed the freedom!

The ones below I began with a light pencil sketch, which you can see in person underneath the paintings below.  I also used the earth to support or confront or hold Buddha.




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4 Responses to Weeping Buddha, or as I like to think of him, Compassionate Buddha

  1. Sammy D. says:

    Thanks. It’s my intention after A to Z to explore sine bloggers past postings, since I’m so new that I don’t have much history with anyone. Your blogs are definitely on my list. Now you’ll see how much I don’t know about Buddha – I thought he was always the calm, serene being because he had so many ways to soothe away life’s challenges. That’s why I was so puzzled on your B post to see one in what looked like such agony. Your drawings on this post look almost natal – a not completely formed embryo. I even see – in an image I don’t want to hold in my head – a cancer cell. I’m going to go with embryo emerging into Buddha form.


    • zenkatwrites says:

      I popped an image of the statue into my post. One of the things about the compassionate Buddhas, and there are a few, is that they have “mechanisms” to handle the weight of the suffering. In zen, however, they are so very straight forward, and will depict a sorrowful Buddha; experiencing the sorrow was part of what drove the prince to become the buddha. DK


  2. Sammy D. says:

    “sine” bloggers ??!!?? I meant some bloggers.


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