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Tools: Watercolors, 1, Yellow-Orange

For the next few weeks I am looking at my paint “collection.” I know better now how to judge what paints to buy, what I might love, and what I have — but it has taken me actually studying (*shudder* … Continue reading

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Y is for Yellow: A-to-Z Challenge

Gee, can’t I just use the yellow from yesterday’s post? No? Okay, timed stream of consciousness writing begins . . . When I was twelve my favorite color was pure lemon yellow.  I was a tanned beach girl so I … Continue reading

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X is for Xanthophyll Yellow: A-to-Z Challenge

Xanthophyll is the yellow pigments that brings many of the images on this page together: it is responsible for the egg-yolk yellow color in leaf pigments.  Their structure is similar to carotenes, as in beta-carotenes, found in carrots, and responsible … Continue reading

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