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Creative Blocks: What does that Nagging Voice Want?

When I am stuck, I play in color and texture. I see where materials take me without expectation. To have the feeling of blah, no vision, heavy, stupid, dim, is hard on any creative. Especially as being creative — at … Continue reading

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Creativity: Stumbling Blocks + Play

Creatives get blocked. Creatives need play time! It has been a long time since I’ve been involved in a project — I’m not talking about recipes or art challenges but real projects — a couple of years of learning watercolors, … Continue reading

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Process: Mixing Chinese White Paints

“As an acrylic artist I almost never used white except under other colors to  pop them.  But as a water-colorist I have reached for white a few times, and I am using an old Sakura Chinese white right now until … Continue reading

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P is for Pastels: A-to-Z-Challenge

I’ve never liked pastels, and for some reason, when people used to give me art supplies, they always gave me pastels. Because I was a glitzy Southern Californian beach gurl, they gave me shimmery pastels! I find them clumsy, thick, … Continue reading

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