PS: Even More Thinking… Testing… and Memories

My Nostalgie sketchbook really is a testing ground.  If something works a bit on the smooth sketch paper then I will try it out in one of my watercolor journals.

Someday this will be a nice memory of Mitchell and I standing at the window before we left the studio, feeding the birds then stopping to smell the fecund fragrances after the rains.  The power was out in the West Hills of Portland, so it was much darker than usual.  As a sketch it didn’t quite work but it is a nice memory… which I wrote about in my journal, below then promptly used those pages for testing!

Above and below, testing NEW Robert Oster inks with a dip pen…  they don’t usually feather… That is a wet page and I am playing with ink on wet paper.


If you think your journal looks messy and unsuitable for public consumption,
I’m giving you permission to do ANYTHING in your sketch journal.
You don’t have to share, ever.
When you see the sketchbooks of other artists and they look gorgeous and impeccable,
they are probably doing their testing on scrap paper or skipping the messy pages!

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