Thinking, Thinking… One

My sketchbooks are not just for trying to turn out great sketches…
Okay, some of that goes on…  I want a nice flip-through on a journal.  But also, experimentation that rarely gets seen by anyone but Mitchell because I may not publish it.

Take the Direct Watercolor posie on this page.
I wanted to see how wet-on-wet worked, as I almost NEVER use that tool.
I got my paper sopping wet using a fat brush I only use for slopping water around,
and then tried laying in a posie in yellow.  It ran, it was unruly,
but I didn’t give up because what have I got to lose?  A page in my journal?

So I pushed on, and damn if the paper didn’t dry too fast (it was soaked through
so how is that one must ask) and I was working fast.  So I rewetted it over the top of
the yellow petals and went in with another color, and another.

Meh, not liking it but the funny thing is that I have this odd commitment to my “children” in that I don’t abandon them until I’ve really tried to make them a nice page in my journal.

So I rewetted the outside of the posie and played a bit more.  Then splattered.  Okay!

At least when I open the book to flip through for a friend or when the authors come to write my obit they will say, hey, this one is an odd duck BUT SHE FINISHED IT!

Part two, tomorrow!


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5 Responses to Thinking, Thinking… One

  1. pedalpowergirl says:

    I love this post. Our sketchbooks are the perfect place to experiment. I like how you keep going until you have a page you want to keep!


  2. lois says:

    I think it’s pretty, and that splattering adds such a great touch. Like that final sprig of herb on a dish of pasta.


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