Sketching for Clientele

I LOVE documenting our studio life in my sketchbooks, and some projects are
so sketch-worthy with their baubles and trims and bright colors!

I also use my sketchbook as a way to communicate with our clients from time to time,
showing them what trims might look like on their pieces. The sketches above showed our client what our intentions were for the sofa and loveseat (both family pieces with sentimental value), and the pillows she was having us custom design. These were presented to her along with samples, and we were able to choose the final design with her.

Once the project was in the studio, I sketched Mitchell with the piece
when he took a break in an odd position!
He did not see me sketching him!

It may not be obvious, but the final design changed. I recorded the final choices and design elements in my sketchbook. My process is as below: line drawing to shading to adding color!

Showing the whole spread, I start simply with line drawings. I typically use a fine point, either a Platinum Carbon pen or a Lamy Joy, with Platinum Carbon in or DeAtramentis DOCUMENT Ink, black. There are time I deviate from that for effect, and use bright colors, but not in my everyday sketching.

I use a waterproof ink for shadows, and often do this before I begin watercolors. I emphasize water PROOF, because anything less moves when watercolor is added. My two favorite waterproof inks are DeAtramentis Document inks and Super5 inks, though this happens to be the one truly waterproof ink from Noodlers, Lexington Grey, and it is diluted for the shading in a waterbrush. 

Finally, the watercolors! I use all brands, but never student grade, as the pigments are diminished in student grade paints. These were mostly Daniel Smith and Sennelier and Holbien. I mix as I go, working from pans, and layer colors (quickly so the layer below does not move), as you can see from the details below.

Details below.

 ©D. Katie Powell.
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I used Hahnemühle Watercolour Journal,
Lamy Joy with De Atramentis Document Black ink,
Platinum Carbon Pen with Platinum Carbon ink waterproof cartridges,
Sennelier, Holbein, MGraham and  DS Primatek watercolors, and Daniel Smith Watercolors.


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2 Responses to Sketching for Clientele

  1. lois says:

    Do the clients ever ask you for the drawings? They are so lovely, Kate.


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