Tools: Wing Sung Brush Piston Pen

I bought three Wing Sung Brush Piston Pens from Etsy.
I wanted to compare them with the plastic Pentel Vistage Water Brush
(formerly known as the Pentel Aquash waterbrush pen),
which I use normally like a waterbrush over watercolors,
but have also been known to fill with liquid watercolors or inks.

Sad to say the pens are not very good.
They are sturdily built… That is all that is really good news.
Compared to the finer brush of the Pentel Brush pen with black ink, above,
the lines are fat and the point does not hold a good point.

That’s not all… there is no apparent way to clean out the inside of the pen
so that you can change inks in these pens…
I asked the seller and they just kept telling me to turn the end,
which is how you FILL the pens with liquids,
and suggested I fill the pen with water instead…
Trust me, that will never work.  Big down side.

So the Wing Sung Brush Pens are a big thumbs down.

This led me to quickly compare all my brush pens.

From top down, reviewed individually below:
Pentel Vistage Water Brush (formerly known as the Pentel Aquash waterbrush pen,
which does not come inked and which I fill with liquid watercolor and inks), my favorite hands down:
Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen (never liked, leaks easily if it is touched
even a little bit, black ink in mine);
Kuretake ZIG Brush pen (many sizes, bundled and single pen,
I fill with liquid watercolor and inks);
the Pentel Pocket Brush pen (AMAZING point, waterproof ink);
Wing Sung Brush Piston Pens, which I fill with liquid watercolor and inks.

Not shown: (it is empty) is the Platinum Japanese Art Pocket Brush Pen,
inked with black waterproof ink, which I LOVE, and must buy more!

Hands down, for inked brush pens, the Pentel Pocket Brush pen
and the Platinum Japanese Art Pocket Brush Pen are the best!
BOTH are refillable, have lovely points, and waterproof ink!
(Doodling sketch above with the Pentel.)


The Pentel Vistage Water Brush (formerly Aquash) is the best empty pen,
and I buy them in bundles from Jetpens and Amazon.
The bottom three above is my favorite pack of pens.
The point stays nice even with hours of abuse, and they are easy to fill.
I like that you have to actually squeeze to get the liquid flowing,
which means you don’t get blobs of water or medium leaking on your sketch.
The tiny one that Jetpens has in their bundle is not worth much —
very small capacity for liquid.  SHOP!  I have many!

Kuretake ZIG Brush pen (the two middle
blue pens, above) comes in many sizes,
is sold bundled and singly, and appears to
now have MANY names… which is dumb.
I was not impressed with the point
on the brush, which quickly goes flat.

I’ve tried Yasutomo Niji Water Brush
and Holbein Water Brush Pen
(not sold anywhere right now, top two above)
but was not impressed with either.
The points on the brush (though I am
showing the flat brush in the image above)
and the water distribution had issues of
leaking with normal holding. I did not replace.

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3 Responses to Tools: Wing Sung Brush Piston Pen

  1. lois says:

    Sorry for the thumbs down, but good information to know! No way to clean the inside….?? What?! That’s crazy.


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