Tools: Moo Journal

I bought a Moo Journal the last time I ordered my business cards from Moo.
It comes in a reusable sleeve, above left, that can sit in your bookshelf
so the journal pages do not get worn.

A card holder comes with the journal and I placed it in the front of the book.
I like dotted paper because I may want to sketch —
It can also be ordered with lined paper.

The paper is excellent…
and of course, bottom line, it is all about the paper! 

The center section has a couple dozen pages of sturdy colored paper that matches the cover liners; it is a surprisingly nice feature!
I am using mine for notes on a book we are writing so they can be easily found.

One thing I don’t like about the journal format is that the beginning pages need
to be supported.  In theory they should lay flat but they don’t quite,
so I had to put a pad underneath that happened to be the right height
for the first three dozen pages.
See it peeking around the page in the image below?

I use this book as a journal; as such I sketch the oddities of life! The paper handled the sketch and waterbrush treatment that moved Robert Oster’s Carolina Blue ink and the watercolor pencils with no bleed through, above and left.

I noticed bleed through: 1) in a few inks that move right through the paper, below, and I think testing is your only option to know in advance, or, 2) if a lot of water is scrubbed onto inks, both shown below.

Above, you can see that in the back pages of the book I created my ink/pen list
— and I use a waterbrush to push the ink around on the side.
The back of the TWSBI page above right shows that there are times
when the ink bleeds through on the back.

The three inks above:  Robert Oster Carolina Blue ink,
Waterman Havana (or Absolute) ink, and Waterman Tender Purple ink.
All performed well with no bleed through.
The pages also take pencil very well, shown in the last image above.

Bottom line, while I did have a few issues with bleed through,
I am happy with the journal.
I’ve experienced occasional bleed in every journal I’ve bought but one,
and the pages were SO thick in the Archer & Olive journal
it was more like trying to write in a watercolor journal.

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5 Responses to Tools: Moo Journal

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Amazing creativity at work here. I hope you’re doing well, Kate.


  2. lois says:

    You’re writing a book?! How exciting! Will it be an art book?


  3. Mireya says:

    I like your writing.


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