Tools: Updated M.Graham Palette

Recently I reorganized my palettes, and the M.Graham was moved into a smaller Schminke palette.  I still find MG watercolors a bit stinky, but remember I returned the following pigments out of my palette and that stopped the headaches: Sap Green, Olive, Hookers Green, Anthraquinone Blue, Cobalt Violet, Raw Umber and Transparent Orange Oxide (*sob, lovely transparent oxide!*).

I still recommend M.Graham paints,
as they are lovely deep pigments, but as I have never had a reaction to any other pigment in any other medium or brand I still advise trying them one by one!

My M.Graham colors: Quinacridone Rose, Quinacridone Red, Raw Umber,
Nickel Quinacridone Gold, Azo Yellow, Indian Yellow, Azo Orange, Scarlet Pyrrol,
Manganese Blue Hue, Ultramarine,  Prussian Blue, Cobalt Teal, and Iso Phthalo Green,
a gift from Thomas, RIP, to replace the ones that stunk!

The paints which are not M.Graham in this palette for balance:
Emerald (Jasper Stardust), Olive (Holbein), VanDyke Brown (Holbein),
Imperial Purple (Daniel Smith, and one of my all-time favorite purples), Potter’s Pink (given to me to try when mixing skin pigments, which I initially said, yuck to but I have used it!), Quinacridone Gold (Holbein), and Opera Pink (Daniel Smith).

I Love drawing my palette at the beginning of a sketchbook…
It also helps keeps track of my changes,
and then later I can remember what I used in a sketch if in doubt.

Above, my old palette, which I talked about  in Tools: The Saga of the M.Graham Palette.
I tossed the Mineral Violet, chalky color of no use to me!

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2 Responses to Tools: Updated M.Graham Palette

  1. Mireya says:

    Beautiful colors. I have not tried these. These seem to be bright and vibrant. I love the Sennelier student grade and winsor.


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