Death of a Friend and Teacher

Postcards and some of her images around my messy messy studio desk.

I spent the morning grieving the loss of Tracey Fletcher King from this world.

I would not be the artist I am without her generosity toward
this newbie watercolorist,
as she encouraged me to be me and not try to be a masterful artist of some other variety. She taught me about juicy washes, to go deeper with colors (they lighten), and made me laugh about my own insecurities.  She spoke to be about my sexy lines in an email once, and this still makes me smile.

I especially loved her sketchbook images, though her expertise as a
watercolorist shines in her fine art images like the pieces below.
I continue to be blown away that these are watercolor!

I probably won’t miss her as much as her family and in-person friends in Australia,
who also had the gift of seeing her daily if they wanted to do so.
It is certainly true that I already lost her somewhat when our online chats which we scheduled every couple weeks were lost due to her waning strength.
We talked online as we became close friends — from afar —
about life in AU and being an artist and her cancer and her family and mine.
We told each other secrets, and I wish I had lived in AU so we had met in person.
I want a hug now.
I have been feeling her loss all along, and was in the process of writing her
and sending images today when I heard the news.
Somehow the world seems less friendly and wonderful without her.

Enjoy some videos here.

Words are inadequate.
I will go paint instead.

For her family, huggs, Kate.

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8 Responses to Death of a Friend and Teacher

  1. Cheryl says:

    Hugs Kate. I understand your pain.


  2. Jenn McLean says:

    Here’s that hug you requested, I know, not as good as a Tracey hug but her friends must endure and stay together. She had a tribe. I was so proud to be one of hers. I’ll never be the same and I’m a better person for knowing her for these ten years. She got me through my own cancer and I just cannot believe this world still turns without her in it. We’ll stay together, love one another through it all not just because Tracey would want it but that she taught us all, her tribe, how to love better and how to be a true friend. Love to you, my friend.


  3. lois says:

    I’m so sorry, Katie.


  4. teresam61 says:

    So sorry for your loss Katie. May your memories of her bring you warm feelings.


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