Inky Thots: Birmingham New Versus Old Ink Colors…

A lot of people have asked how the old colors look versus the new colors…
I say, some of the new I like better, some of the old I like better,
and in some I love both equally!!  Below are samplings of some
of the old I owned versus what I have in new inks.

Many new inks show a high degree of water resistance!

NOTE: These samples are painted and then the
lettering inked with
a very fat dip pen,
which unfortunately laid
down a great deal of ink.
I know that in the case
of the Celestial Blue,
it looked like it feathered
like crazy, yet in a
stub-nibbed pen on post-its
and in my planner (right),
no feathering with the
same ink.  So if you see any feathering, hold judgement
until I do a test in a pen
(or get a new dip pen!)

Disclosure, I bought my old inks, and was given the new inks from Birmingham.

Slag Grey was such a favorite that I purchased a few small bottles before they were gone.  It was a great purpley grey.  It has changed considerably, and I love the new color even better, especially because the new Alternator Crimson fulfills some of that purpley grey quality. The old Alternator Crimson was too purple for me, so with both of these I am pleased with the new colors (and happy I have some old Slag Grey!)

No doubt about it, I love the new bright Fountain Turquoise better…
The old one was a nice muted blue but hardly fitting the name of what
I imagine is blue sparkling turquoise waters.  The old Celestial Blue I reviewed
just before Birmingham decided to stop their old ink production and
move toward making their own inks from scratch.  The new Celestial Blue is,
I think, a prettier more complex ink that picks up touches of purples,
and yet can still be used as a conservative blue in business.

I can’t choose between the old and new Arugula, and thankfully don’t have to!
They are different but equally beautiful warm greens.
Relative Cadmium is the one where I think something was lost in the new formula.
I like the pop of bright nuclear yellow that pinned the undertone of the old formula.
The new Relative Cadmium is a nice orange, but doesn’t have the pizazz of the old.
Thankfully, I have a FULL bottle of the old, plus samples!

My last two comparisons (until I have a few more on the new inks):
I like both Salmon Hor D’Oeuvers… They both look exactly like lox to me, and mostly depend on the type  and cut of the salmon.  The new is a bit brighter, but the old makes a nice flesh tone when thinned with a waterbrush for white peeps.
I think I like the old Gerbera Pink slightly more than the new, though frankly these are not my favorite colors in any sense… I like the brighter purple of the old.

As I obtain more inks to review I will roll out the new versus old when I have them, and also as I place them in pens will be able to tell you more about performance.

Remember that others review these inks just for writing;
I am also interested in how they are used for ink-painting!


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