I am finally surfacing after this damn election.
I am happy with the (almost) outcome but the close call depressed the hell out of me.
Enough so that I didn’t draw after the 30th, when the fear
of the future weighed so heavily on me.
As a good little Buddhist that was not very here-and-now,
but then I never said I was enlightened.

I m also aware that for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I was afraid to put words
on paper publicly.  THAT says everything that anyone needs to know.
As a white person in the USA, that is a new experience.

I’ve also been following our very peaceful
(I am looking at you stupid news outlets that get this wrong)
POC protests every night by watching live videos on IG,
and am now aware of Portland’s history, and what is going on in
our neighborhoods in Portland, and sadly, I didn’t know about this.
I am sorry that perhaps in other cities the BLM movements turned violent, but here they POC protestors were peaceful and only occasionlly in hundreds of night did things like graffiti or bonfires (usually in trashcans in the middle of the street), while the actual violence was caused by outside agitators.

The incorrect and sloppy news coverage of this was the most disturbing thing
next to 70 million people, and white WOMEN, voting for Donald.
If the news outlets can’t get the obvious and simple things
anyone can see correctly, then we are screwed.

What did I do?  Watched movies and started a baby blanket for friends.
A hopeful thing, in bright colors.  I never make baby blankets because the colors don’t appeal to me — pale colors — so I make toddler blankets, bold and bright!

As I turned outward again, color pulled me as usual.
Color is the bright spot in a dark world.
Below, look at the wild pink sheen in the Troublemaker ink!

So perhaps more postings will come…
Thank you to a couple of you who wrote me concerned.  xoxo

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4 Responses to Surfacing

  1. loisajay says:

    So good to see you again!


  2. Dan Antion says:

    I try to avoid politics, but I understand how stressful the election was/is for people. I’m glad you’re finding a way back.


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