Rona2: Rallies Portland

I follow @maranierae (you should too) on Instagram,and thank her for the images.

I still work full time in our business and we have a war going on in our city
between right-wingers, law enforcement, and blacks. I’ve not seen anything like it
in my lifetime and it is not being well reported and this has caused me so much distress. But what helps is sketching it… From pics, because at my age with arthritis
I am not going out and hanging out in a protesting war zone but I have a few
reporter friends that let me sketch from pictures and I choose the ones that make me
sad or feeling hopeless and then sketch them in m own ways. It is healing.

The far right showed up for a rally in the heart of a black residential neighborhood,
on a day when a rally about black history in Portland was to take place.
1500 blacks (and supporters) showed up, no weapons, no issues at all… peaceful.

Down the street 300 extremists came armed to the teeth.

The signs at the Proud Boys rally are all about the right to be armed,
about hating liberals lefties, and blacks, and about Jesus and Trump.

This one chilled me.  He is praying, but he is praying fully armored,
dressed in my flag’s colors, which to me symbolize a land where we are all from
different religions and are all different colors and yet share certain inalienable rights
to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness… and I want POC to have all that too
without me being privileged because I am white.

The war is on here, and the warriors appear to be the right-wingers and frankly,
law enforcement, who nightly call riots where I see none (lots of raw footage on IG) and then proceed to push, bully, toss, batter abuse and then arrest both protesters and press, medics, and lawyers.  Not Proud Boys.  They say it is BLM but mostly they protest by burning a trash can in the street *bonfire) ot sometimes tag a building.  They don’t pull weapons on anyone.  I am horrified at this country I’ve called home

I draw because making the marks
helps me process the fears and anguish
at what I am witnessing.

We are not a humanity.
I don’t know what we are.

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