Rona2: 100 Days of Protest, 2

I also listened to speeches given by various BLM activists.
None call for violence,
and in fact call for passive resistance, staying together,
and what to do when the PPB arrests you in violation of your right
to free speech and freedom to peacefully assemble.

I watched videos by pdxgabs, r3volutiondaddy, and others of the same scenes:
Portland Police and State Police who have been made federal agents
by Kate Brown so that they could arrest Press, Medics
and others who are doing their jobs and used to be protected by that clause,
dragging peaceful but noisy protesters, beating them bloody in a few cases.

It makes me sick, depresses me and is in fact defeating.
If this is what law enforcement in a supposedly liberal town
has come to then we are indeed lost.

We are not a humanity.  I don’t know what we are.

No one can blame this one on Trump.
This is Oregon State and City of Portland…

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2 Responses to Rona2: 100 Days of Protest, 2

  1. Thank you for writing about this, Kate.


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