The Sketchpack Project 2020, 1-8

I am again participating in
the Sketchpack Project this year.

I chose a theme of “Emotional Body.”

Why Emotional Body? Because the mind-heart connection is important to physical health, and certainly ours in the USA, and also the world, is stressed to the breaking point.
(See bottom for a couple of links.)

I was introduced to these concepts 40 years ago as part of my
Buddhist practice, and it is integrated into my way of thinking.
AMA doctors are slow to understand this is a real thing.
Western doctors feel their medicine, which is in its teen years,
is much better than ancient Eastern medicines, and I keep a foot in both worlds,
but always start in Eastern traditions, because I find by the time
I need to value AMA medicine it is for drugs or surgery… maybe too late!

I wanted to explore it without words, because my words
were yah-yah-yahing away and not getting me anywhere.
Turning to art to express feelings and dreams rather than talking —
which often now leads to politics – seemed a better way to try to heal and balance my emotional body.  Know that rarely did a word arise with the images.  And NO rules.
If so, I am putting them below the image.  If later I saw the image
and understood a bit more about my own image I will write about it in the second line.

My third line is for materials.

I made my “sketchpack” this year by removing the covers of two 5″x5″
Hahnemühle ZigZag Accordian Journals taped together with strong tape,
and covered the structural tape with red dragon washi tape.

Dragons symbolize potent and auspicious
powers over water (emotion!)

I am not sending mine off to be displayed (not sure if they will be displayed this year)
in Capetown, South Africa, run by the talented Di Metcalf.
ABOUT SKETCHPACK PROJECT: The project began in 2011 to get folks to draw daily. The sketchpack is a small zigzag journal with two usable sides, allowing one to sketch on both sides of 15 ‘pages’ to complete the month of August. There was much enthusiasm and the project is now repeated yearly in August, with a Facebook page for us to share as we go along.  (The page is closed for viewing but you can join to play along!)  There is an Exhibition held in October at the Artsauce Studio in Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa of mostly local Sketchpacks!

w15 sketchpack opening


Duke Fude with DeAtramentis Document Urban Grey ink,
Robert Oster Green Olive ink.


Duke Fude with DeAtramentis Document Urban Grey ink, Robert Oster Muddy Dragon ink.


Duke Fude and Platinum Plaiser pen with DeAtramentis Document Urban Grey ink,
Birmingham Albert Einstein Relative Cadmium ink.

No one word floating to my mind as I drew this… but not hard to figure out.
I am in Portland Oregon and the federal invasion of our city when in fact most of the violence was caused by the feds or outside agitators was extremely distressing.
There was also violence by our own Portland Police Bureau but it was not as violent,
and they did not also take on press and medical personnel.
Portland has a long history of peaceful protests and yet often the few outliers
are covered as if that is what is happened.  In fact, literally thousands of people
took to the streets for weeks (it is still going on) and all was peaceful.

Duke Fude and Platinum Plaiser pen with DeAtramentis Document Urban Grey ink,
Birmingham Pens Dennis Rodman Gunpowder Tea ink, Robert Oster Muddy Sand ink,
Krishna Pencil ink, watercolor pencil.

Platinum Plaiser pen with DeAtramentis Document Urban Grey ink,
Dennis Rodman Gunpowder Tea ink.


Duke Fude (Bent) Nib with DeAtramentis Document Urban Grey ink,
Robert Oster Muddy Water ink.

Duke Fude (Bent) Nib with DeAtramentis Document Urban Grey ink,
Platinum Carbon Pen with Platinum Carbon ink waterproof cartridges,
Birmingham Cranberry Nobel ink.

Pressure Cooker

Duke Fude with DeAtramentis Document Urban Grey ink,
Blackstone Wild Orange (Scented) ink.

See you in a week with more images.,

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