Rona2: Can’t Go Home Again

Home home home…

The idea of home is so far away from today’s reality…
Family figures who were wayshowers became betrayers,
My hometown has become a rich man’s enclave,
far away from the hippy beach community that was heaven…
and I don’t even know this country I once loved.

I am glad to know that this life is an illusion…
more like a nightmare now.

I am distraught about what we are reading about on the news…
I always knew that this hatred existed in some people,
but now I know it is a huge part of the American psyche.
The things that I read about happening daily to black people are
terrible tortured hateful happenings; they break my heart…
I have had days where I felt like I couldn’t breath with the terrors in this country.
Even the very idea that POC are harassed by other Americans while being
human in America is disgusting and a huge embarrassment.

I know that writing about this is not going to bring me art followers,
but really, how can any of you stay silent?

Home is where I find Mitchell and the cats, no further.
Okay, I have friends of like minds, which makes me hopeful.

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2 Responses to Rona2: Can’t Go Home Again

  1. hyllaevans says:

    There is hope, and we are many millions of people using our votes to make things sane again. Many Republicans are as angry as we are. Watch the news knowing that if Dems turn out the vote, this shitstorm will come to an end. “The land of the free – the home of the brave” WILL be defended by the people, the voters. Trump’s time is limited.

    Social isolation hasn’t stopped political organizing. Drive people to the polls who can’t get there on their own. Plug in to your local activist groups to plan how you can help. Get outdoors every day!

    My father is a psychoanalyst in Washington DC. He tells me to get outside and walk every day (which I ignore).

    Remember: WE VOTE! Democrats/independents are wide awake and organizing. Trump is so outrageous that in his greed he’s sabotaging his own chances – that’s irrational and self-defeating, but it’s always been who he is. He does NOT have majority support. He will not win our hearts or minds – or the election.

    WE VOTE. Take good care of yourself and each other and the cats as always… or more. Very wise man reminded us to Keep Your Eyes On the Prize and walk on!

    Okay, I come from equal rights activists and was the youngest Congressional intern ever (not old enough to drive) until my daughter decades later became the youngest ever. Take your strengths and put them to work turning out the vote, educating neighbors, writing for local candidates you support. I’ll be still wearing my mask and driving people to the polls in November. Many elderly are unable to go to the polls on their own.

    We are NOT helpless. Connect with the effort locally. There’s nothing more depressing than feeling you’re alone. The synergy of being an active part of a movement with others is transformative.

    Sorry if this comes across lecture-y. You have this. You really do. Be around activists who need your help to get out the vote. When more people vote, WE WIN.

    xoxo Hylla

    Note: I edited out Hylla’s contact information.


    • What discourages me is Liberals (I am one) and Libertarians and Progressives (I am not) who say they won’t vote for Biden because he doesn’t represent them. They lose sight of what is going on with Trump, I assume. He is not my first pick either, but I will be happily voting for him. I do many of the things you describe — except driving people which is not an issue as we vote by mail. I am following a half dozen local groups and doing what they suggest when I can (I am afraid marching is not going to happen for me). I write several emails and/or letters daily. I am publishing your response, NOT preachy — and I am fine with this kind of input — but I removed your phone numbers. huggs backatcha


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