Rona2: The Squirt

She is the little Squeak, the Squirt —
the kitten who didn’t make it to foster care for a couple more days
after her siblings were found, and so also, missed feedings and started life the runt.
She’s not getting very big still, and we now think she will stay
where most cats are at 4-6 months, solid and sturdy but small.

Yes, she squeaks!
For any and all reasons, though we’ve come to know
the serious squeaks versus the ones where she instigated some craziness
and the other cats are after her for it.

And fiercely independent.
In fact, she gets into trouble most often because she doesn’t seem to grok
that she has to DO certain things that everyone does.
Because they are studio cats, they are trained to run to one safe spot
when we clap our hands and give that one command.
Everyone else gets it, but Izzee thinks that is the command to roll over and play possum.
That is right, make herself heavy as if she can’t be moved.

She is also friendly and sweet and for some reason, has taken to me.
It is a good thing; every oen else loves Mitchell best.

I can’t blame them.

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8 Responses to Rona2: The Squirt

  1. mjmarmo says:

    Love this!


  2. loisajay says:

    ‘roll over and play possum’–I so love a cat like that! She sounds adorable. And a handful–a very loving handful.


  3. Love this story about your little Squirt!


  4. What a wonderful portrait. She makes up for the lack of size with her fierceness. So glad you got her!



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