Inky Thots: Troublemaker’s Sea Glass!

I’ve been waiting to try Troublemaker Inks for a long time…
My first bottle (there will be more) finally arrived from Cebu, a province of the Philippines after several weeks, and that after waiting to order for several months.
Now they can be purchased from Shigure Inks, however, they still sell out FAST!

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Why should it take so long to get inks?
Troublemaker Inks is a small studio producing amazingly beautiful and complex inks.  Nobody thinks the young owners, Gabriel Arnado and Kaiser Dale Diragos,
anticipated their inks would be so loved, and they are barely keeping up with the demand.
(You can read an interview with them from Pennoob from the Manila Pen Show.)

The two men have a strong background in science as they both attended
science high high schools.  My math tells me they may have started their business
while still IN high school!   Gabriel is studying to become a graphic designer, and the lovely packaging is very zen-like, with a twist of humor in the labeling.

I am dying to get my hands on more colors: Abalone, Kelp Tea, Hanging Rice, Mango, Petrichor, and Copper Patina, inspired by their homeland… and their inks remind me of my home too, Laguna Beach.  This ink is moody and evocative, but it also reminds me of the simpler life growing up collecting shells and beach glass… I lived on the beach!

The ink appears to behave well
in my first efforts with it.  It does not feel particularly dry and
has a nice lubrication.  Sea Glass
is in my Parallel pen, and so
it is harder to compare.
It showed no feathering on watercolor paper, and no
water resistance. Troublemaker
(if you order direct from them — when they are available and
good luck on that) will custom your order to your desired
ink flow, though I was I was unable to take advantage of this quality on my first order.

Frankly I was so dang happy to get a bottle I was about to say send whatever you have!
Sea Glass is complex and separates into amazing colors, shown above.
Most of the watercolors that provide a good match are Daniel Smith’s Primateks!

Ultimately this ink is going to go into a lovely pen I have on order
from Tom Gauntt of Chesapeake Pen Company.  For now,
I had to be able to use it, so I have it in my pilot Parallel pen!

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6 Responses to Inky Thots: Troublemaker’s Sea Glass!

  1. John Holton says:

    I’m not surprised when I hear about teenagers starting businesses while they’re still in school. I think it’s becoming more common, which is good news for all of us: we talk a lot about empowerment, and what can be more empowering than operating your own business? I wish more teens in this country would do the same.


    • Their interest in high school (overseas) was chemistry so this was a natural part of that… and absolutely! I think it is very hard to start — and even sustain — a small business in the USA. That is why you want to shop local or small businesses over Amazon! I have some links to Amazon, but they are only for items that can’t be gotten at small businesses in the states.


  2. loisajay says:

    You give the best reviews!


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