Lojong 46: The Three Causes

I’ve studied through the slogans a dozen times in my life;
these are my musings on the slogan currently, what comes up on the day that
I am posting the slogan,
not a formal interpretation.
For that reason they are less about straight Buddhist teachings,
and I think able to be shared with most practitioners of other faiths or no faith
(unless yours doesn’t allow you to read any other tradition.)
If you have time and the inclination, I published the WHOLE  thang here!

#45: Take on the three principal causes.

I used to draw this card randomly for weeks from my slogan cards.  Drove me crazy because I did not get the translation.  Finally I abandoned the translation “causes”.

I get it.

This slogan is about setting an environment ripe for the dharma.

  1. Get a good teacher.  This one can be complicated.  There are bad teachers
    in every walk of life, so for me, this is connected to
    Maisumi Roshi’s statement, “Put no mind before your own.”
    Trust your instinct and don’t be led on by an abusive teacher or charlatan.
    A good teacher may also come in the form of a spiritual friend
    who is telling you that you are being an ass.
  2. Apply heart and mind to the dharma.
  3. Take care of the practical aspects of life efficiently and with
    an attitude of responsibility, doing the best job you can.  It is more likely
    that you can apply yourself if you are not homeless and hungry.

I think a lot of people are following false teachers today, more than ever.
Many religions are being corrupted for greed, because truthfully,
“dharma” or truthful spiritual teachings can be found in many traditions.
I had a good grounding with compassionate Catholic teachings.
But today, people have lost their way… for greed.

It is disheartening.

In this weekly commentary on the lojong, I am interested in hearing about
YOUR life or how the lojong affected you or your practice awakening in some manner.
For more info about why, go here.

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3 Responses to Lojong 46: The Three Causes

  1. loisajay says:

    Greed is the root of all evil. It is most disheartening, Kate.


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