Pen Love

Who knew in 2015 I would
fall in love with fountain pens?

My sketch was of the beginnings of my pen obsession…
Done in a Moleskin and a Platinum Carbon Pen
with Platinum Carbon ink waterproof cartridges,
it helped me get to know every crevice of my pen collection.
I started with a beautiful baaaad pen… NOT drawn (I was glad to toss it!)
It was stinky and never wrote well, hard starts and I do not regret tossing it.
We don’t talk about that one….
Thankfully I bought a cheap Pilot Preppy pen from Goulet and turned it into
what they called an “eyedropper” which held so much ink!
When I placed my next order for the Platinum Carbon Pen I bought a Pilot Preppy pen
in every color, and all my waterproof colored inks had a home.

At the time I had yet to discover the world of gorgeous inks.
Inks were a means to an end, vegetables before dessert!
They secured my sketches before using watercolors.
I “painted” with the waterproof inks from Super5 and De Atramentis,
especially underpainting shadows, or grisaille.

When I wanted to make
my joyful pen sketch
colorful, I also used a few
of these waterproof inks,
namely Super5 Dublin ink
in Pentel Aquash waterbrushes
for the background, and
layering Platinum Carbon ink
for the blacks.
I augmented the inks
with watercolors.
Diving into my love affair
with inks was just
around the corner… So many inks, so little cash!

My card above, just in time for InCoWriMo
or International Correspondence Writing Month.

The full spread!

Pens shown in the image are: Lamy Al-Star, Jinhao 750 with Goulet 1.1 stub nib, Pilot Metropolitan, Platinum Carbon Pen, Pilot Preppy pen, and Pilot Parallel pen.

Announcing my new card line!

Cards can be bought singly, in multiples,
or as a package with the Morning Coffee images.
In time for International Correspondence Writing Month, or InCoWriMo.

Or visit RedBubble for the image printed on totes and tees and notebooks!
I use my own wirebound notebooks in the studio,
and they take fountain pens well enough, shown above tested with wet pens.

Yup, I am self promoting — gurls gotta make a living!
Please support a working artist!

To hear about classes, follow me on Instagram, Facebook
or check out my new, improved

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1 Response to Pen Love

  1. Susan sent me this — and I am posting it for her:
    I love your collection of pens and your illustrations of them. Lately, I’ve been using my favorite Lamy to write in my Apica C.D. NOTEBOOK. The paper is designed to perfectly receive fountain pen ink when writing text. Such flow! In script, the cover reads: “Choose the paper like you would a good pen.” As a writer, I love this elegant book.
    Cheers! (Hello to Mitchell)


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