Shift In Goals: A Post from My Patreon Page

Goals are shifting for me, and instead of rewriting what I posted succinctly to my Patreons, I am sharing it with you, my blog followers.  I am a Patreon to several artists, and have my own Patreons, a modern way of supporting artist.

An Overdue Update…

For two years things have been quiet on [my Patreon] page.  Family issues, namely my baby brother and then my mother dying and all that comes with that, got in the way of so much.  I am okay with that; family comes first.  I let go of a lot to juggle my daily work, but did keep sketching/painting.  I apologize for the absence.

During sleepless nights, I had time to think.  I shifted my focus a bit.  Originally I wanted to teach online — I miss teaching tremendously.  When I was a kid I wanted to be a school teacher and my Aunt Elsa, who was a woman who taught high school, became principle, and ended up traveling to study educational systems worldwide before settling down at USC to start their Gerontology department, gave me great advice.  She said, “Go to college for what you love and then teach THAT!”  I taught architecture and design in Los Angeles at UCLA and in the California State college system, and taught writing and creativity in Oregon and California.

I am still open to teaching again, crave it, really, but I am going to let it unfold, to not push the river to do online courses.  I don’t know that online teaching will be as rewarding for me as doing classes in person.  I will wait to see what happens as I continue following my passion.

So where am I heading now?  What has changed?”  Continue reading here.

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