Tools: My Favorite Travel Palette, Updated

Some of you may know that recently I thought I had lost my favorite travel palette.


Those who have a worn old tool you love will understand…
All of it was replaceable, but I wanted my tool that started my watercolor journey!
It once held all my watercolors!

FOUND!  I had set it aside to wash it!

I made some changes — wanting to try a few different colors to see if I liked them more.
I dropped Hematite, Peimonite (such a lovely versatile paint),
and Yavapei, (they will be back though… I love them too much) and a purple for
Burnt Tiger Eye (a bit darker Primatek color), Ultramarine Violet from MGraham,
Bright Violet from Holbein, Perylene Red (may be too muddy as I love bright clear colors
like Quin Red from MGraham), and swapped for
what may be a better orange, the Red-Orange 640 from Sennelier.

Also, I think going forward I will be buying more Sennelier 21ml tubes.
They are amazing paints, and I had not tried their tubes merely because the places
I shop don’t carry them — but wow, great prices — better prices — than Daniel Smith
and better product than Da Vinci… though I do like buying local!
I would travel with more MGraham (love their Quin Red) but as it is,
all my pans filled from their tubes are sticky!
They never quite dry, but the colors are scrumptious and heavenly!

So here is my new palette for at least a bit —
Eventually I will get rid one one of the reds, one of the pinks, one purple,
and maybe one blue — to bring back more primateks.  We’ll see.
I have Quin Gold from every maker and the reason I love
Holbein’s is it makes a creamy flesh color for all flesh types… Always in my palette.
And Quinaphthalone Yellow will always be in my palette!  Brilliant clear yellow!

I have a couple of travel palettes —
one with watercolors specifically for the Victorians around Portland,
one with premixed cat colors — grey tabby, black panther, and Siamese —
and I have one where all the Da Vinci paints I was offered reside.

If I had to pick five Primateks (Daniel Smith) I want all the time,
I would choose the ones I have purchased several times:
Serpentine, Amazonite, Lapis, Hematite, Yavapei, and Peimonite…

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4 Responses to Tools: My Favorite Travel Palette, Updated

  1. loisajay says:

    Found!–the absolute best feeling! Happy for you, Kate.


  2. Maggie says:

    Nothing like a well-loved tool that has seen us through our growth!


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