Inks: SketchInks versus Super5

Just a quick review of SketchINKs versus Super5 inks… WATERPROOF!
Not at all scientific as I’ve not bought ALL the SketchINKs and so cannot comment on them all… but in my limited experience with the two SketchINKs I have bought,
they are not as good as Super5 or DeAtramentis Document.

Long ago Super5 inks were made by Rohrer&Klingner, maker of SketchINK.
I don’t know why, but Super5 went their way, and then SketchINK was born.

I bought Marlene first because no one had what appeared to be as clear a blue
(see below).  While I love the slightly off and interesting colors of Super5 inks,
sometimes you want a clear blue, and nobody makes one.  Marlene is a great color and I am glad to have it in my arsenal!  What I didn’t like was the chemical smell, distinct.
I’m not sure why they did this as Super5 inks have none of that!

So loving this autumn green, I decided to try one more bottle
(they are well priced at $12 from Vanness).
I bought Emma, and compared it in my Nostaglie sketchbook with Super5 Dublin.
Super5 is a tad richer in color, both are waterproof, and then there is that smell.
I will use my SketchINKs up — it is not a bad ink —
and may keep a bottle of Marlene around for the nice blue,
but I will go back to my beloved Super5 inks… Beautiful colors and no smell!

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