Creating Journal Pages

I am writing more in my journal,
so it has become less of a strict art journal and back to my
everything journal but with watercolors throughout!
From college forward, I wrote and sketched all the time.
First in my cheap Chinese red and kraft-paper lined journals,
then later in my perfect Okina or Cadic journals (above, and it has pockets too!)
Architectural design ideas, classes, my zen studies, all things of interest,
and angry rants about baaaad boyfriends!

For the first years as I learned about watercolors,
my watercolor journals were all about the images.
Now I am comfortable with watercolor and with ink painting,
and am again using my art journal as my writing journal —
I want everything in one place, somewhat chronologically.

It changed what I feel I can share…
I have to make decisions about sharing everything —
which I would do if I was not still doing business with clients who may find me here…
It is always in thee back of my mind, not when I am writing —
I write everything I want to write — but when I think about sharing —
especially when some of my issues may be client issues!

It is hard for me to do a flip-through now!

One of the things I find myself doing these days is creating “blank” pages
from doodles or bits of a virtual sketchwalk or a lovely memory and
going back and picking them when I am ready to write.
This means the journal is not linear… exactly.  But is is within a few weeks.

I have questions:

Is a true time line important to you?
Are you meticulous about the date/time stamp?

Do many of your use your art in a writing journals,
(Hobonichi or Travelers, and so art goes over the dot or graph grids)
or write in your blank art journals,
(Hahnemühle or blank Archer & Olive)?
Or, do you keep a separate writing journal?

Is it a secret?  Like a diary?
Does it have a lock?  Do you hide it?

How would you feel if a family member or close friend read it?

Would a workshop on this be helpful to you?
Formats or layouts in blank journals?

How to get going?
How not to feel like a failure if you don’t write daily?

Issues around journaling itself?
How to grease the writing wheel… be ready to go when the mood strikes?
What to write about?

I would love your feedback!

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10 Responses to Creating Journal Pages

  1. CC aka Minerva says:

    Hi! The first thing that hit me about your questions, in regard to my own journaling, is that I wrote in a plain journal every morning for YEARS doing daily pages per The Artist’s Way. I was expecting it to help me become a better artist! What I found out about myself was that I wasn’t doing any more art! I just wrote and wrote and wrote! So eventually I quit writing down the mitote of the day and started back with my art. I would love to be able to have the perfect journal that I could use every day for art and journaling, but I find I need different journals and sketchbooks for different things. I do wish it could all be in an orderly time line, but for me, I don’t think it will happen. I love that you asked the questions though. Ron always tells me I’m like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower! I want to see them all! ♥


    • I did the separate journal thang for a long time then threw in the towel… I never finished a single journal! I became determined to whittle it down — to many books for me. Now I have a few — mostly some odd shapes, like very very long, that I rarely use, and a couple I have dedicated to things that I will someday share — but I have one A4 going and one A5 going. Really, the others are for painting and the A5 is my journal. Whadya think about me teaching journaling? I taught writing and art in past.


      • CC aka Minerva says:

        Well, you know I can’t answer that for you! With how busy you are I’d be crazy to try! But I think it would be important to know what kind of journaling you are wanting to teach and what are other instructors doing? I know for you it’s not like a “nature journal”, but having it spelled out would help a person decide whether to take the course or not. There are so many different kinds of journaling! Writing, Bullet, Dream, Travel, Food, Art, Gratitude, Garden, Life…what would be your focus? Like a “Draw Your Day” kind of journaling? I think you could teach anything you wanted to teach. It would just be nice to know the specifics of it! Good luck on making your decision! I look forward to seeing what you do! ♥


  2. Dan Antion says:

    Timeline is not important, Kate. Share what you want to share, or what helps you make a point. I understand the need to not share certain things. I have issues with coworkers that I can’t talk about, at least not the way I’d like to. Maybe someday.


  3. I am far too undisciplined to keep up a journal although I like the thought. I have kept diaries in the past, but only written ones. I love doodling – maybe I should take it further…


    • When I was a kid I was discouraged because I would forget to write every day. But in college my diary turned into a journal and then there were no rules… so I sketched a cool idea (some detail I wanted to rip off), took lecture notes, everything in my journal. That changed everything for me — no rules.

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