Bottles matter!

The right bottle helps sell your ink!
A nice shape, brown preferably because it helps protect the ink inside.
A not too tall bottle or pear shaped is ideal so it doesn’t tip.

And of course, a beautiful bottle is amazing.

I am not sure why Diamine changed their old bottle, as it was lovely.
Simple, nice shape, proportional, and the lid was a nice lid that fit well
and looked as if it belonged to the bottle, not borrowed from another bottle.
The new bottle is not bad, a bit taller proportionally.
But, it has an ugly gold lid that doesn’t work!

The older bottle, above, of Diamine Ancient Copper ink.

The top, and the way the
top seals is critical because
if the bottle tips with the top on tight and ink spills,
you lose ink, you stain things, and no one likes to clean up ink…  But there is more —
If you have your top screwed on tight and it leaks then
air is also getting into the bottle which means it is evaporating… And this is exactly what the new gold
tops from Diamine do,
they leak even when on tight.  Right, the leakage with the
top screwed on TIGHT…

The newer bottle, below, of Diamine Havasu Turquoise ink.

Understand, I LOVE Diamine inks. 
I just don’t love the new bottles…

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4 Responses to Bottles!

  1. Your illustrations are lovely. I agree with you about ink bottle design being an important factor in the appeal of the ink.


  2. joey says:

    Bummer. Hopefully they’ll get feedback and revert!


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