Bother! Creativity, Depression, Doodling…

I hate it when I lose my mojo.

I’ve been depressed as hell.
My usual antidote is to write THAT paint THAT…
In other words to use my juices to get through the blues —
and if all else fails and I have time (I don’t) to read Winnie the Pooh (seriously)
or cook a stew (all the chopping is liberating)
or binge-watch West Wing and pretend I live in the land of Bartlett.

But it is taking all of my energy to get through a work day and then some
and this insomniac is falling asleep at 8pm…  NO middle-of-the-night sketching.

Sometimes things don’t work.  Ergo, Depressed.

And then there is serendipity.

So I have a couple friends teaching in a free sketching thang this month,
Sketchbook Revival, and while I haven’t much energy for most of it,
and a lot of it I’ve taught or is not my thing at all,
I showed up a day late for Charlie O’Shield’s video.
(I can’t send you to it but I can send you to Doodlewash and you can sign up for Sketchbook Revival and play for another couple weeks… FREE.)

Charlie is Charlie and he is good at being that and
being the Best You is a very very good thing (channeling Pooh).

He suggested doodling.  I am a doodler by nature and have not been doing that…
My calendar is unadorned these depressing days.
So what the hell, I picked up my sketchbook which had “Bother”
(a Pooh quote) across the top (entering a competition so not creative)
and did what he said… then kept it going across the page,
and sorta did everything he said but sorta did not just found my groove.

Finding your groove is important.  Mine was in my normal doodle done purposefully.  Moral of the story, you never know where your inspiration lies.  My mojo returned, doodles back in calendar, and new art and scribble are on their way!
I think I will share my doodles with you guys more often…
The power they hold to break through is awesome — I
mean, we are just screwing around and there is no importance there and then Important Things show up…

Many  thanks to Pooh Bear for All Things Wise.

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6 Responses to Bother! Creativity, Depression, Doodling…

  1. loisajay says:

    The Tao of Pooh is not to be dismissed. No middle of the night sketching….oh, dear!


  2. Hope the fog lifts 🍀💚
    L 🕉


  3. dweezer19 says:

    I knew Pooh would come up when I saw the title of your post.


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