Tax Reward, Robert Oster Inks

On the Full Moon I was going to reward myself with a new pen
from Fountain Pen Revolution, to be delivered after I finished taxes,
but found Robert Oster inks on sale!
I want to get to my 500 points on Vanness for the 5% discount too…
I love the free shipping at $$ point and now loyalty points.
I am powerless in the face RO inks, especially on sale.

Lake of Fire and River of Fire are samples… So many people love them and I had never tried them.
They have great sheen — a firey red edge that is lost on Nostalgie paper —
but I doubt I will buy them
because I love others of his MORE,
and would choose Fire and Ice
over Lake of Fire.

BUT, I fell in love with another blue from Robert, and that is Blue Water Ice.  How did I miss this?  Amazing gorgeous blue!

I am on a purple kick,
like the Purple Jazz I sketch with above.

Maybe it is because they show up in so many
of the greys I am playing with…
A review of grey inks is coming soon.

Sidney Lavender is so so beautiful.
I imagine he is thinking of the fogs in
Sidney Harbor… I have seen these
colors in San Fransisco fogs.
I will be sketching with this amazing ink (it will replace my Platinum Lavender in my Pilot).

Viola is a sample not a bottle, and I may have to have the bottle… Though it is between the Sidney Lavender and Berry d’Arche below.

Berry d’Arche is also in a bottle and
I’m so glad I made that choice…
I was looking at browns
but this kept catching my eye,
and I put it in and took it out of my cart!
Much more interesting than brown ink.
Now that I have it is is exactly a berry stain!

I finally bought a new brown ink.
I have a few but they are very chocolatey,
good for writing but not so much sketching, with the exception of De Atramentis Tobacco, above…

I settled on RO Golden Brown,
a nutty ink that is a bit more yellow
than DeA Tobacco, which pleases me.
I can’t wait to get it into the rotation..

Then there is Melon Tea.
Omigoddess I’ve saved the best new ink for last.
It does look like tea!
it shades into unpredictable flavors of
greens and browns and wow I popped it into a Moonman and immediately did an
under-drawing of the mosque, below, and shaded and played with black ink over the top.

One of my favorite orange inks is
Diamine Pumpkin,
and I LOVE Robert Oster’s Orange Zest…
I also have his Orange,
because I bought it for a song
(yes I sing for inks),
but wanted Orange Zest.
Here is a comparison, above…
Pumpkin is a purer orange (like RO Orange)
but the zest has a some serious sheening.

Finally, I popped a couple of Diamine inks
I’d not seen before into the cart…
The images show how they move from
dark inks (like you might write with)
to gorgeous colors, lovely shading.
Eclipse will make it a lovely sketching ink.
I think, though, that I would chose the
Robert Oster berry-ful shades above
over the Diamine Damson.

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6 Responses to Tax Reward, Robert Oster Inks

  1. I am also a purple fan, I now want those inks! I thought at first that they were watercolor and was going to go find them. Wow those colors are gorgeous!


  2. What a wonderful treat for yourself! I don’t own any Robert Oster inks yet but I am perpetually coveting them.


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