Taxes, Losing Your Grounding

I started my taxes two days before the Full Moon.

It took waaaaaay longer than I thought,
because I was determined to find every last little deduction.
I am so tired of being screwed by the feds.

On the Full moon I woke to the big ball in the sky that exerts her energies on me,
I wished I could have a way of being that did not include all this crap.
Especially when all this crap doesn’t get me much.
the more I ploughed into every little receipt, the more depressed I got because
it really did not make a huge difference for five days work.

Middle of the night one night I made the ink backgrounds for my journal.

This is where the rant starts…
I don’t mind paying taxes, BUT  BUT BUT
really, as small business people we pay more than our share and get little back for it.
We cannot deduct many things that corporations deduct…
Our percentage rate is HIGH…
and if something happens to us, though we pay in,
we cannot collect on disability unless we are out of work for years…

As a young person I paid little in taxes, really,
and they just keep raising them higher and higher, and the cost of living is
much more than most of us can afford and small business owners have
a smaller profit margin than the big stores chains.
On top of that the rich do not pay what we pay.

If we had Medicare for all it would help.
I have friends all over the world who are shocked at what we walk through here.
They are not commies and they have socialized medicine…
Gads when are we going to get smart?

I resent the hell out of all of what is going on, and blame the Dems too,
because they can’t form a cohesive sentence to save their lives in this argument
and don’t counter the stupidity.

I say to young people, “GET OUT OF THE USA WHILE YOU CAN!”

So every time you encounter a small business owner be kind during tax season,
because they are reminded how much they are on their own, always…

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2 Responses to Taxes, Losing Your Grounding

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I didn’t last long as a small business owner. The hard lesson – quality work will only get you so far – it was sad when I had to walk away from the work I loved.


    • Yes. I think the best early lesson I learned was to market in bad seasons, market in good seasons. People don’t think a out how many hats a small business person wears. Accountant, tax gal, advertising. secretary, collections thug 🙂 , plus what you wanted to do in the first place!

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