SoCS: Soul/Sole

I  journal and do morning stream of consciousness exercises, and
I’m again participating in Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. 
I write to a timer, 15-20 minutes, no editing except spelling, and of course I add my art!
You can do it too!
The Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “soul/sole.” Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word “yawn.”

Soulmate came to mind immediately, but what can I say about it?
I am blessed with the best relationship I can imagine.
He is not perfect; I am not perfect.  Perfection is not the issue,
and maybe so many people are trying to find that perfect person… not the way.

I did my own soul work for twenty years before we met,
lucky to have put my foot on the path right after college.
Righting my stupidity as best I could, seeing my poisons,
all so I could be a better person for the people around me…
It is not that I thought I was a terrible person, but when you look inside, you know what stupidity lurks in your head.  Anger, envy, coveting, comparing, addiction.
Whatever, as one teacher said, “Put no mind before your own.”
You know what you need to work on.  My work is not over, and
I have moved through so much crap to get to honesty with myself.

That is about the time when I met him.  I was at a crossroads and looking for my sole purpose, thinking that either I was going to be with someone again (dead former husband) or I was going to move to where my teacher was and live there.
Be a monk.  Monkess?  (cracking up, “hey hey we’re the monkees…”)

He walked into my front door.  Nobody ever used that door.  But he did.
And he stayed, and we knew.  He had also been on a soul‘s path.
At the time we met his was a soulless grind, broken by the flowers in the park.
WE KNEW.  Not one or the other, but we knew.
“So there you were, inside of me all along.”  I can’t remember who wrote that.

Twenty years later, at a time when life around us is pure shit most of the time
and there is almost no good news, we have each other, a blessing.
Maybe that is why they call it soulmate.  A blessing.

For the rules, go to Linda’s blog;  feel free to join the fun!

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6 Responses to SoCS: Soul/Sole

  1. Mukhamani says:

    Beautiful, we are lucky when we find our soulmates. Thank you for sharing.


  2. dweezer19 says:

    I know exactly what you mean, Kate. I’m so happy for your having your soul mate beside you in this life.


  3. Dan Antion says:

    Aw – I like reading about you two.


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