New Moon

New Moon, New Journal.
I love it when that happens…

Parvati is starting this journal.
Inked, and wouldn’t you know it after a couple years
I decided to change the ink in my Metro and so she is drawn in the wrong color —
Encre Classique Vert Moyen!
I forgot and thought I had KWZ Foggy Green.
*i changed the color back… will stick with what i know
and put the Vert Moyen in another pen* 
Mitchell said that was the color he saw her in, so I figure it was meant to be!

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7 Responses to New Moon

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Very good advice – and beautifully done.


  2. Great advice! I ruined my Lami Safari pen trying to clean it and change from blue to black ink. I bent the plastic nib and my nib nib fell in the garbage disposal and I couldn’t find it! Sigh.

    I will have to watch videos several times before I try changing my Carbon Platinum pen’s ink when it runs out!


    • I suggest sticking with the Carbon cartridge in the Carbon pen… It is just about the best ink around in that pen, a workhorse for me. Also, and it is late to say this, but never ever change anything over the sink! i do it over my desk or over a plate…. What parts do you need for the Saari? Or is it gone?

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      • It’s gone. After I bent the plastic nib that holds the metal nib I threw the whole pen away. I’ve got the Platinum carbon one to learn on now, before I purchase another Lamy.


      • The Lamy pen ran out of ink so fast, but knock on wood my Platinum seems like the energizer bunny running on the same cartridge for a year now! When I bought the pen I bought a package of 5 refill cartridges so I’m ahead on that score with that pen.

        Thank you so much for the advice about cleaning the pen over a plate! I should have watched a tutorial before trying it really.


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