USK, Kaiser

Following on my last Robert Oster ink post,
I took RO Purple Jazz ink out sketching while trying to stay sane.
Last year was hard and this was part of it.
Mitchell had a problem in his throat and after watching Patrick die of esophageal cancer,
I went a bit nuts worrying.  And btw, in our lovely country with its non-socialized
medicine it took two full months of waiting to get a simple barium study…

It is not cancer.
AMA has NOTHING they can do for this, but our acupuncturist said it is common in China, “Cherry-pit-syndrome”, and it is a diet/stress thang.
So herbs and maybe a modification of his diet, and he is getting better.
Oh, btw, in our great land of non-socialized medicine where we pay so much now
again for insurance, they don’t cover acupuncture.

Yes I am testy about this damn insurance crap.

I like taking the non-soluble pens in my pocket on trips like this
because a line drawing is all I’ll have time for (and drawing keeps me sane)
but I can touch it with a waterbrush and it becomes very interesting.

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4 Responses to USK, Kaiser

  1. I am sorry you both had to deal with that anxiety of waiting for a diagnosis, accentuated by a long wait time for the tests to be done. Coming from a country with free healthcare, I could not agree with you more about the state of healthcare provision in this country. The NHS is far from perfect but we pay through the nose here in the US for similar or even worse care. That is not to dunk on the front line staff at all but there is a systemic failing of the system because it is insurance and finance centred rather than patient centred. Anyway, I am glad that it was nothing sinister and I hope that some adjustments do the trick.


    • Gads yes. People who have not availed themselves of travel and had to go to a doc in another country have no idea. I’ve had quick and good service and even as a visitor did not have to pay — amazing. Andyes, my last physical was so bad because he is doing what insurance comapnies tell him to do so now I go in and ask for this and that. Insane.

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  2. loisajay says:

    So happy for the good news, Katie. Oh, the nightmares of our insurance…..ridiculous. But you already know that.


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