A Frightening Week

Dear Friends: This blog post has peeps writing with concern.
Know that the cats are okay,
and we took five full days and unplugged and slept.

Now back to the proper blog post!

Without knowing what was coming this week, I wrote the above.

It was a big week.  We had a solid week of moving the horses and other decorative elements from the Jantzen Beach Carousel into our studio…
a harried move, with many things to coordinate, and of course the potential for damages!

Then my 96-year-old mom broke her femur… no easy answers there.
Over the next four days while we were moving the carousel, I had her on my mind as well.

Then the fires in California and family and friends…
Stress and worries and checking in all week.

Monday morning we thought that Hari had gotten into a pill that had been crushed under my chair wheels…  One that could kill him or make him very sick at least.
This after we are so so SO careful!

It was a harrowing day and I had to fight to ask for advice  from our vet’s office;
ER overnight, what?
Gotta say that we are trying to resolve that issue now so we have confidence in the office.
The point of having a vet is they know you and the animal
and you are not walking into emergency unless it is necessary…

Hari-Orson-Smells is okay.  Thank the gods and goddesses!
*Orson Smells is one of his other names as he is voracious eater
and has the smelliest bowels ever…*

The next day was the first day of the carousel move.
When we came home we were supposed to take Hari for a last blood test.

However, Yaman was listless, would not eat, was not himself.
We went to take him in Hari’s place for the same blood test,
just in casethough it was unlikely he had also been near the crushed pill
and they didn’t have the appointment with the technician scheduled for Hari,
his last follow blood test for poison!
This after they had confirmed it via phone, we’d discussed it three times, etc., etc.

Worse, they would not honor it even when one of them remembered the conversations.

FIVE HOURS LATER and an ungodly amount of money
he was seen at Dove Lewis, a good ER place in NW.
His blood test came back negative, thankfully.
I am thankful for them, but it is not an easy place to go —
I mean, think human ER… not fun.
Triage is in place, some very sad cases around us,
and Yaman was not at the top of the list to be seen…

I am still not happy with the vet’s office — though I love our actual vet.

Mitchell stayed home with him the next day —
Between our families and the fires in So Cal and
my mom’s surgery and Yaman we flipped a coin…
Yaman is most comforted by Mitchell.
I did the second day’s move of the carousel… we traded off late afternoon
when it was time for a half-dozen horses to come back to the studio.

Yaman is back to his yackity yackity meowy self
really he talks all the time and has to follow us everywhere…
We think a toy that used beans come apart and he ate a dry bean.

That night he sat on my old journal and was his content self.

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12 Responses to A Frightening Week

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I hope things turn for the better soon.


  2. Wow, Kate. I’m stressed out just reading this. You need some downtime, a vacation. Something! Hearts to you!


  3. dweezer19 says:

    Oh Kate you have had a challenging week. Sending prayers and positive energy for all to be well. Hugs!


  4. loisajay says:

    Oh, Katie–too much going on! So glad the cats are OK–no thanks to the vet sounds about right. Geez Louise! Hope your mom is ok. Thank goodness for Mitchell. Take care of you.


  5. Sending love and wishing you happier more peaceful times ❤️🙏🏻


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