Voting Days, Going Back in Postings….

November 6 was a nail-biting day,
and the day when I began my new Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook.

Never have I seen our country so divided and uncaring about all of our inhabitants.

The story of Maha-Durgha is the best one for our times…
My quick storytelling:
The world was in a dire place and the gods were not winning over evil.
In a last-ditch effort, they decided to give all their powers
to Durgha, in hopes she would slay the evil forces.
She was able to harness all the power and get the job done!

I am so sad that our country is so divided that the two parties cannot even work together.  It is not good for anyone.  I grew up in a Republican/Democrat divided home, and
more often we agreed on the big issues, and disagreed on the small details.

Not so anymore, and it is hurting our country.

Most of all, I love our Constitution.

I pray for a full healing
in this country.

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