Inktober 31, Last but not Least

I’m finishing a sketchbook from the Sketchpack Project this year…
As it was all about pen and inks, seems a good fit to finish Inktober!

Three pens and ink and we are finished… posted all today!

For my birthday Mitchell bought me the bright red Karas Custom K Fountain pen.
I love this pen, and thought I might pair it with a true red, then a graphite grey,
But this amazing grey that is a purpley grey was discovered and that is the ink for the pen.  Purple Jazz, which should be called Purple Storm Skies.
That is what I will think of when I use it.
And amazing shading ink, this one will be for sketching
where I want to move water into it for effect.

Robert Oster I love you!

*Note, see below to buy the Karas pen from me…
It hurts my hands to use for any length of time….*

Tried the Monza flex because it came with a bottle of Monteverde ink —
Basically a free pen.   I have not played enough with the flex nib to comment.
It doesn’t seem too flexy.
It doesn’t give me flexy-sexy lines, like a stub or architect’s nib.
We’ll see.
I’ve hated flex nibs in past, but only tried Noodler’s and as I hate the Noodler’s line of pens it is no wonder I’ve a bad experience.  I’ll tell you how I like it after I’ve played with it.

Robert Oster’s Fire Engine Red ink (sample) is in it and it is a lovely TRUE RED!
I am sure that I will own this bottle when I need a new red ink!

I started the Sketchpack Project with a Moonman and am ending it with one,
unplanned.  I fitted it with a 1.1 Goulet stub nib,
but that is not because the nibs are not great but because I like stubs!
I bought another of these lovely inexpensive pens and filled it with Robert Oster’s Emerald.  The man has to STOP making new colored inks as they are each better than the last, though this may be one I had simply not seen before.

Another Inktober finished. 
This is my favorite challenge,
because I like to draw and paint in inks!

Selling my pen… I know enough about my likes in a pen and so I am making a fast decision.  The stub has to be used in the upright position or it skips, and that position hurts my arthritic hands.  I don’t think there is any other issue like a flow problem — it appears to be a fussy pen for how you hold it.  1.1 steel bock nib.  Mint condition.
Comment and I will email you if you are interested.  I am sending 4 ink samples with it, Priority shipped for $80.  Not recommended for peeps with arthritis!
Know that other nibs can be purchased through JetPens.

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