Inktober, 3 Kavanaugh

The hearings upset me.
The betrayal of Senators to do the righteous thing,
to allow a full investigation, upset me.
To know that it is likely that this unhinged man,
alcoholic, probably a serial sexual abuser
will sit on the bench of the court I love so much upsets me tremendously.
I feel like the country I love is falling apart.
It is not a partisan thing but a crazy power money run amok thing.

Not all drinkers are alcoholics.
Not all alcoholics are abusive.
But there is too much if you read the continued accounts of what is coming out
from his good buddies in college and beyond.
His unhinged behavior within minutes at the hearings….

Robert Oster Motor oil in the Pilot Metropolitan.
As I was moving the ink with a water and a brush,
a big dollop hit the female prosecutors face.
(The bought and paid corrupt — read her history if you  dare —
female attorney whose skirts the big tough GOP Senators hid behind.)
So now she is a shadowy feminine figure!

I couldn’t publish the page across where I wrote as it names
living men I’ve known….

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2 Responses to Inktober, 3 Kavanaugh

  1. kestrelart says:

    If nothing else, Trump and his cronies have made white male privilege transparent. No hiding, denigrating the woman as hysterical or sex obsessed while the man appears lofty and judicious: the man is a drunk, an adult-baby, a lout without judicial demeanour … and he will still get what he wants, not on merit but because he is male and white and rich and served his time with the right people. And this is on show and to a voting people …
    I too thought of drawing this and may yet do so. It was powerful, the stuff of theatre.


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