USk: Trip to Lacey Washington

Trip across the big wide Columbia to make a presentation in Lacey, Washington.  Labor day the bridge was very slow due to  traffic; this meant I could draw while Mitchell drove.

 Robert Oster’s Motor Oil ink is becoming a go-to sketch ink, especially for cities.  It holds a line while moving with water.  The heavenly brown-green with undertones of orange is such a cool color!
Like a dark mushroom,
or yup, an oil slick.

Next morning I was
up before Mitchell.
Without coffee
sketched the very
boring parking lot.
That little bit of purple
is our Toyota.
Without the new colors
in my Da Vinci travel pans
I would not have
painted the hotel onsite
(tho finished at home):
Davey’s Grey especially,
not my normal color,
but finding it an
interesting mixing color.

  Six new colors…
I almost didn’t buy the Da Vinci Mauve because I hated the mauve of the 80’s… but this is their purple… and it is purple, not that insipid grey-pinky-purple that is a result of mixing a lot of wrong colors!  It will not be my favorite purple though.  I’ll stick with Daniel Smith’s Imperial Purple, and I love the new Holbein’s Permanent Violet.

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  1. now I’m hoping for traffic jams… 🙂


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