Giveaway: Hahnemühle YouTangle for Inktober!

I have one regret…
I didn’t find Hahnemühle’s tins
before last year’s Inktober! (see bottom for video!)

I know why… I’m not a zen-tangling person so I would not be looking.
But I doodle, and these are great for that!

Included in in the Hahnemühle Giveaway are:

1 tin Hahnemühle Inktober cards +
6 extra cards so there are 31 cards for the Inktober Challenge
(yes that means that your tins were opened
but what a great thing to have enough cards for the month!)
1 Jinhao Shark Fountain Pen (from me! chomp chomp!) with
De Atramentis Document ink sample (waterproof ink!)

This means if you have never used a fountain pen I can convert you!
If you have, this is a totally fun good working pen!
It will bring out the kid who likes to draw!

I want the giveaway to end so the tins can be mailed in time for Inktober!
Four lucky USA peeps only (sorry friends everywhere else!!)

To enter, comment “I want to WIN!” below in this post!
Drawing will be held 10th September!

Thanking Hahnemühle for their generosity in this giveaway!

They are lovely for use with fountain pens,
and all types of micron and zebra and gelly pens.
The smooth bright white paper shows off pen and ink!
Colored Pitt pens and Tombow pens worked wonderfully on the paper.

Wet mediums also work,
but I like to pin my corners
when using wet medium on any
thinner stock.  I tried traditional watercolor but it didn’t love
the paper, and ended up a bit
washed out (probably sizing issues).
*i didn’t think that would work!*
I tried liquid watercolors and inks
in a waterbrush, and they worked
better — maybe the even delivery
of saturated color?  This was how
I added color in middle-of-the-night Inktober drawings last year.

*oooooh, then there is the tin… i popped 15 full pans in the tin…
did i say i loved to make home-made tin palettes?*

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73 Responses to Giveaway: Hahnemühle YouTangle for Inktober!

  1. sharonnolfi says:

    “I want to WIN!” Thanks for hosting this giveaway.


  2. Jessica says:

    I WANT TO WIN!!! 🙂


  3. Robyn Mixon says:

    I want to win!
    -wow–what a haul–I am unfamiliar with these items and use a Sharpie for my ink work, sometimes pentel pocket pen but the lines are thicker. I’ll have to look into this pen. Is it messy? (Or maybe, am I messy with it?)


  4. Linda Ogle says:

    I want to win, tangling is one of my favorite things!


  5. Tom Brudzinski says:

    I WANT to win!


  6. Margret says:

    I want to WIN! I really like the colorful carrot sketch.


  7. loisajay says:

    Katie–you are so generous with all your giveaways. Good luck to everyone!


  8. mjmarmo says:


    Thank you for the opportunity!


  9. Lissa says:

    I want to win


  10. Sandra Boreen says:

    I want to win.


  11. I want to win!

    What a terrific prize! This will be my third or fourth year of participating in Inktober and I was just thinking that I needed to start thinking about my format and prepping so that all I had to think about each day would be doing the actual illustrating. This set could be perfect for me. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  12. carlein says:

    i would love to win (who doesn’t 🙂 ) if only, because it is my birthday, second, i never owned a shark, and third, square is my middle name!


  13. Elizabeth Alexander says:

    “I want to WIN!”


  14. Elizabeth Gunter says:

    I would like to win. The tin idea-love it.


  15. afilmer says:

    I want to WIN! Thanks for the posts.


  16. Marianna Ballard says:

    I want to win!


  17. Great idea for INKTOBER and I love your re-purposing too!


  18. Kathie m says:

    I want to win.


  19. Karin Tarter says:

    I want to WIN! And by the way, your artwork is is to die for!


  20. Xenia Levitsky says:

    I want to Win.


  21. I want to win. So much winning. I could get used to this. Thanks, Kate!


  22. dreamsgate says:

    I want to win. A great giveaway for Inktober.


  23. charmedlife2006 says:

    I want to win. Perfect timing for this giveaway. Thank you very much for hosting!


  24. I want to win …..thank you


  25. Fran Katz says:

    I want to win! Thank you for the opportunity to do so.


  26. Barbara Aronis says:

    Ii want to win!!!


  27. “I want to WIN!” … thx for the awesome blog post … thx for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway. And THX to Hahnemühle for providing the tins!


  28. qoe4 says:

    “I want to WIN!” Thanks for this drawing and the link to Inktober!


  29. KEM says:

    I want to win! I’ve wanted to try the YouTangle Tiles for awhile, and I LOVE drawing with fountain pens.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  30. Karen Branch says:

    I want to win! Thank you for this giveaway!!


  31. Howard Katz says:

    I want to win! Thank you for the giveaway.


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