Lojong 39: Gods into Demons

I’ve studied through the slogans a dozen times in my life;
these are my musings on the slogan currently, not a formal interpretation.
For that reason they are less about straight Buddhist teachings,
and I think able to be shared with most practitioners of other faiths or no faith
(unless yours doesn’t allow you to read any other tradition.) 

If you have time and the inclination, I published the WHOLE  thang here!

#37.  Don’t turn gods into demons.

Another slogan that is extremely relevant today.

Initially, I thought that this meant don’t use good teachings to batter and berate those around you, to bolster your ego-clinging, but instead to allow you to open to your truths,
to your losses, to your negative ways, softening your heart to yourself and
others as we all struggle to find our way to wholeness.

NOW, however, I see a situation whereby an entire political movement has co-opted the teachings of a major religion and bastardized them into what they are not….
Raised Catholic, I KNOW that the teachings of Jesus would not support
the cruelty perpetrated in the name of white supremacy and fascism.

Christ would not condone turning away those fleeing.
Christ would not condone separating families and terrorizing children and parents.
Christ would not condone lying about and demonizing an entire people.
Christ would want us to share our prosperity, to care for the sick and needy and elderly.

I could go on and on.
This is not a party issue, not a them and me issue.

In the tradition that was once my religion, Catholicism,
the number one rule is to love thy neighbor as oneself.

Don’t turn Christ into a demon for political gain.

Okina Journal, with pen and ink,

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