Bright Ideas Journal, Cat Memories

At the end of 2016 I made a commitment to finishing off wayward abandoned journals.
I’ve made great headway in that, with only a couple to go.

The Bright Ideas Journal isn’t one of them,
Though I picked it up again (found it in the pile is more like it),
and it was nice to be back to line drawings only (or mostly).
A hundred+  pages left to go means this is a long project!

The Bright Ideas began as a memory journal,
mostly about family objects I am giving away to someone who wants them,
while I retain their memory.

Now I’ve added other object+memories.

I never said all the drawings would be good….
Worst. Shading. Ever.
But I am new to these finny crayons so okay!

Savitri has this thing for the Purple Mousey Majesty.
She goes nuts for the purple furry mousey, not red, not yellow.
Not the purple stripy mousey.

Kamala (RIP) loved the red feathered bird and a crazy squeaky blue mouse that
I cannot find (meaning the kittens have carried it off to a hiding place.)
She would kick and toss and generally get a little crazy on her own

Duckmouse is Sammy’s favorite…
It can sooth the slightly psychotic nature of Sam, who is skittery and obstinate and hard to handle… except when he is not!  Old age is making him more so!  But when Duckmouse is pulled from the toy box he gets all loving, rolling and purring and I do not know what powers this scrappy little felt yellow and green mouse has, but they are formidable!

And BTW, cats see color because how else would they have favorite colors?

Older memories of Cats and toys…

Bright Ideas journal multi-color journal with Platinum Carbon pen,
Lamy Al-Star with De Atramentis Document black ink,
and colored pencils and crayons….

w16-5-11-wold-heart-01-sq w16-10-10-bi-stars-too-sq W16 4 21 BI STUPID PHONE 01 SQ w16-5-5-altar-dish-05-sq w16-10-6-bi-rhinestone-stars-sq

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4 Responses to Bright Ideas Journal, Cat Memories

  1. loisajay says:

    Kitty (RIP) used to carry a stuffed Canadian Mounted Raccoon (“Rocky Raccoon”) in her mouth at night and cry. Her last weekend was spent in the corner of the living room with Rocky by her side. And there he still sits today. We vacuum around him….’cause how could we not? Loved this post, Kate.


  2. A lover of paws myself and years of rescues have blessed me my life with their love and friendship.
    I loved your post!


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